British Science Festival gets set to publish science comic

Science includes the study of epic themes. Themes so epic they go beyond research journals and textbooks. You know, the sort of epic themes that leap off the pages of comic books into the hearts and minds of children.

The beauty of epic themes is that you can take them as seriously as you like. Some particularly awesome epic themes are robots, explosions and danger, dinosaurs, space, time and travel, very big things and very small things, things we can eat and things that can eat us (and other stuff to do with the human body), codes, ciphers and hidden messages, heroes and villains — and matters of life and death.

    Celebrating those epic themes, a team of comic creators – Lydia Wysocki, Paul Thompson, Brittany Coxon, Michael Duckett and Michael Thompson – are working with Newcastle University to produce a science comic book as part of the British Science Festival in September 2013 in Newcastle.

    They’re planning to print about 8000 copies of the full colour comic and will make a more detailed brief available in due course.

    Here’s an expression of interest form if you’d like to know a little more and their blog is here and you can find them on Twitter @NCLScienceComic – or email the team at


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