Burke and Hare comic web site live

The Burke & Hare graphic novel website is now live at www.burkeandharecomic.co.uk ahead of the new movie release, featuring a preview, some info about the book and links to purchase a copy.

While writer Martin Conaghan tells us the new Ealing Studios movie directed by John Landis isn’t based on the graphic novel, interest in the film has certainly spurred people to check out their limited first edition of the book, which is still available to buy now priced just £10 (plus £2 P+P). £12 delivered!

The film stars Simon Pegg (Star Trek), Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) and Isla Fisher.

The story of William Burke and William Hare, who disposed of 17 bodies to the Edinburgh medical establishment – 16 of them murdered – in 1827 is the stuff of modern legend. It’s also mired in falsehood, misconception and myth. Almost universally, the duo are hailed as ‘graverobbers’ or ‘bodysnatchers’, often depicted as stealing freshly-interred corpses to sell to the eager doctors at the Edinburgh medical school – when, as far as history is concerned, neither set foot in a graveyard with the intention of stealing a corpse.

• Check out: www.burkeandharecomic.co.uk

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