CancerTown Signings Announced

Cy Dethan, writer of Insomnia Publications new graphic novel Cancertown, has revealed several signings are planned for the book, which features art by Stephen Downey, colours by Melanie Cook and letters by Nic Wilkinson.

The first to be announced are:

• Forbidden Planet, Belfast 2 – 4.00pm Saturday 30th May
Signing by artist Stephen Downey who will be offering a free, unique sketch to anyone who buys a copy. Official Forbidden Planet announcement here

• Whatever Comics, Canterbury 11.00am – 4.00pm Saturday 6th June
“Whatever Comics is unquestionably my all-time favourite comic shop,” says Cy, “and its owners have been among my strongest supporters throughout my adventures in the comics business, so this one’s a lot like coming home for me. Nic Wilkinson, Insomnia’s Creative Director, will also be at the signing.

• Waterstones, Chelmsford Saturday 27th June

More details and dates to follow, including signings in Dublin and Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Cancertown centres on Vince Morley, a man with big problems and a brain tumour like a baby’s fist, living with one foot in a monstrous alternate world he calls Cancertown.

When the lost and dispossessed of London start tripping over the same cracks in reality he spends his life avoiding, Morley realises he must confront the residents of Cancertown – and risk finding his place among them.

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