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With the latest issue of Titan Magazines’ Star Wars Comic firmly moving to Clone Wars mode (it’s a giant-sized issue with two cover variants available, coming with a free Star Wars sweatband), Star Wars fans might also be interested in some all-new Clone Wars web comics exclusive to, which are released prior to broadcast of each new Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode and “fill the gap” between the animated stories.

Located here on the official Star Wars web site, each comic is five to seven pages in length and every installment contains a side or bridge story that ties in directly to that Friday’s episode.

Here’s a recap of the tales that have been told and a preview of future installments:

• “Prelude” — A tie-in to the premiere episode, Ambush, this story features the clones that
accompany Yoda to the moon of Rugosa — Rys and Jek — as they are given their assignment. It
also debuts Skytop Station, a Separatist listening post that now, a month later, will begin to be
featured in the episodes.

• “Shakedown” — Before the Republic definitively discovered what General Grievous’ new secret weapon was in “Rising Malevolence,” many warships fell to the experimental ion cannon. This comic story depicts an ill-fated mission.

• “Procedure” — Anakin is determined to do something about the threat of the Malevolence, and
his characteristic reckless initiative takes him to a Republic military testing facility where he secures the weapons he’ll need in the episode “Shadow of Malevolence”.

• “Agenda” — When Padme Amidala emerged from hyperspace right into the path of a Separatist
warship in Destroy Malevolence, she was on her way to a diplomatic mission. In this tie-in comic, she not only gets this crucial assignment, but also has to shuffle priorities in a busy day-in-the-life of a Galactic Senator, even if it means ignoring a plea for help from an old friend.

• “Mouse Hunt” — In Rookies, Clone Captain Rex and Clone Commander Cody have finished an
inspection tour of a tracking station on Pastil — this comic tells that story. A Separatist spy droid is discovered on Pastil, and the clone officers mobilize the troops to stop it.

• “The Fall of Falleen” — In Downfall of a Droid, we learn that the Separatists have been enjoying a string of successes, including the conquest of Falleen. This comic documents Asajj Ventress’ role in that victory.

Other stories coming up include “Discount,” wherein droid dealer Gha Nachkt brokers a shady sale for a Separatist leader. In “Transfer,” Anakin dispatches Ahsoka Tano on a personal errand despite the wishes of the Jedi Council. And in “Departure,” a simple attempt to prep a ship for transit ends up in a nightmare when C-3PO and Jar Jar Binks are involved.

In the first issue of the new British Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic, Asoka goes back to her roots for thrills and explosive spills in the awesome debut of the Clone Wars comic strip.

More about the UK’s Star Wars Comic on the Titan Magazines’ web site
• All-new Clone Wars episodes air on Sky Movies, Saturdays at 5:30pm in the UK. Click here for more details.

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