CD Comics ‘Surreal Murder Mysteries’ Return

The Butcher of Banner Cross Issue 1

In 1986 there was something dark, evil and paranormal lurching in Banner Cross, Sheffield and it was on a killing spree… The full details of these gruesome murders were kept out of the press at the time, but now the truth will be told by Craig Daley in a three issue tale called The Butcher of Banner Cross.

This is fourth story arc from CDComics Surreal Murder Mystery series (previous titles are Meadowhell: The True Horror of Shopping, Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell and Football Crazy: The Theatre of Nightmares on the Road to Insanity) and has the same the dark macabre humour as the three previous horror whodunits. Be warned, these  Murder Mysteries are not for the faint hearted….

The first issue, titled ‘Punchline’, introduces the eponymous paranormal investigator, who arrives at the scene of a second horrific murder. Watkins, a government spook has enlisted Punchline’s help, due to his unique insight into the world of the surreal and supernatural killers. But this only serves to upset the regular Police, who know that when Punchline is involved things have a habit of getting complicated.

What follows is an investigation that will test your knowledge of the occult and push your powers of deduction to their limits…

The first 32-page black and white issue features artwork by Chatri Ahpornsiri, who has produced excellent pen and ink work across all three issues of this narrative.

The three parts will be released bi-monthly on multiple download websites priced $1.99, £1.40 or local equivalent price.

The Butcher of Banner Cross - Sample Page butcher-of-banner-cross-02

The Butcher of Banner Cross is not for those with a weak constitution,” enthuses creator Craig, “and like CDComics previous surreal whodunits includes all the surreal clues you will need to solve the bizarre murders.”

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