WebFind: LetsGoCommando, a new British war comics online store

LetsGoCommando is a new online comic seller primarily focused on offering a range of British war comics and related memorabilia – and they have quite a range on offer, mainly Commando Comics – but much more, too.

Inspired by tales of brave and heroic acts, unflinching courage in the face of adversity, cunning plans to outwit the enemy and general derring-do, the team at LetsGoCommando.co.uk are not only selling vintage war comics, but providing information about them, too. This is in part driven by nostalgia, part to encourage and foster interest in the genre.

Since launching in May, they’ve rapidly developed a wide-ranging catalogue, that includes signed copies as well as back issues, art prints and collections, and they also offer themed bundles of Commando at reasonable prices.

LetsGoCommando is a part of the BuzzNet family of websites, whose other projects include sports and gaming websites, Christmas village products “and whatever else motivates us.

“Essentially, we are web developers and entrepreneurs,” say the team, “but as far as the topics we cover go, we are fans rather than experts. Our users, readers and customers may well be more knowledgeable than ourselves but we hope you like what we have to offer, enjoy your visit and hopefully return.”

Check out LetsGoCommando.co.uk here

Find out how to order their Commando comic bundles

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