Chris Claremont confirmed guest for MCM Expo

Comic book creator Chris Claremont
at the November 2008 Big Apple
Convention in Manhattan.
Photo: Luigi Novi

The London MCM Expo has announced that comics legend Chris Claremont is to be a special guest at the 29-31 October show’s Comic Village.

The award-wining comic book writer and novelist is best known for his 16 consecutive years at the helm of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, where he penned many classic X-Men stories including ‘The Dark Phoenix Saga’ and ‘Days of Future Past’, but British comic fans will remember him as the creator of Captain Britain, back in 1975.

His time on Marvel’s flagship title saw Chris develop many of the X-Men, particularly when it came to shaping strong female characters such as Storm and Phoenix. In addition, Claremont helped launch spin-off titles such as Wolverine; X-Men: Legacy; New Mutants and Excalibur.

Claremont joined Marvel back in 1969, writing his debut comic Iron Fist in 1974 and working there until 1991 when he left the company over editorial differences. However, 1998 saw Claremont return to the comics giant as editorial director and the regular writer of Fantastic Four. Since then, he has worked on a range of popular titles including New Excalibur, X-Treme X-Men and, to the delight of fans, Uncanny X-Men once again.

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