Classic British Comic Covers: 2000AD Prog 62, featuring the comic’s first heroine

Brian Lewis cover art for 2000AD Prog 62, Cover dated 29th April 1978.

Brian Lewis cover art for 2000AD Prog 62, cover dated 29th April 1978.

2000AD Prog 62 Cover by Brian Lewis

Death Planet” was a short-lived series written by Alan Hebden with art by Lopez which began in 2000AD 62 and ran through to Prog 70, back in 1978. Commander Lorna Varn, the captain of a colony ship from Earth which crash lands on a hostile alien world, holds the distinction of being 2000AD‘s first ever heroine lead.

In the story, she attempts to keep colonists safe from the planet’s dangers despite the mistrust and antagonism of their leader, the unashamedly sexist Richard Cory.

Brian Lewis is one of British comics most-loved and most versatile artists, who began his career as a magazine illustrator but whose work featured in a huge number of comics including Countdown, Look-In, 2000AD, House of Hammer and many more.

He was an extremely capable creator who drew in many different styles to suit the titles he worked on.

Steve Holland has a great article on Brian Lewis’ career here on Bear Alley

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