Classic Slaine stories released

Slaine the King

Two of the most famous volumes of 2000AD’s Neolithic barbarian, Sláine, created by Pat Mills, are now available again in brand new editions for the UK.

In Sláine: The King, Sláine is forced to roam the land of Tir-Nan-Og with his dwarf, Ukko. Ahead of him lie terrifying ordeals that will require all of Sláine’s famed warrior strength if he is to return victorious and claim his rightful place as King.

This latest edition, one of the most beloved Sláine volumes, includes a missing three-page prologue and features Glenn Fabry’s most celebrated artwork.

In Time Killer, Sláine, Ukko and trainee priestess Nest visit the fortress of the Ever-Living Ones. These arch-druids may hold the key to the final defeat of the evil forces oppressing Sláine’s people, but a chance encounter hurls Sláine and his allies through time to ever greater battles, threats and challenges! This latest edition features a newly-restored cover.

These classic tales of sword and sorcery written by Pat Mills are now available again and complete with a fantastic host of extras. Artists Glenn Fabry (Preacher), Massimo Belardinelli (Mean Team) and Bryan Talbot (Grandville) provide the art that conjured a world of mists and magic and the ultimate Celtic warrior.


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