Clockwork Watch: An interview with comic creators Yomi Ayeni and Corey Brotherson

downthetubes In Conversation with Yomi Ayeni and Corey BrothersonIt was great to catch up with two great creators at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival at the weekend – Yomi Ayeni, creator of the collaborative storytelling project Clockwork Watch, and his editor, Corey Brotherson, whose projects include Magic of Myths and Deadlier Than (and much more!)

This audio interview opens with Yomi explaining Corey’s major role in the project…


Clockwork Watch – initially a film project that became comic series, and a collaborative storytelling project, is set in a retro-futurist vision of Victorian England. It was voted 2015 best graphic novel by the readers of Steampunk Chronicle.

Launched thanks to a successful crowdfunding pitch back in 2011, it was intended to be a five-year immersive participatory steampunk story told through graphic novels edited by Corey, the first books drawn drawn by Jennie Gyllblad.

Clockwork Watch - Evolution - CoverThe latest book is Evolution, written by Yomi, edited by Corey, with art is by Ed Jimenez, colouring by Kote Carjaval, lettering by Mike Stock and features a cover by Megan Bradbury, title by Fabio Duarte Martins.

Mixing comics and faux newspaper articles and more expanding the Clockwork Watch universe, it follows the critically acclaimed Clockwork Watch series including The Arrival, Breakaway, Countenance and the popular spin off, Tick Tock IPA.

• All the Clockwork Watch books are available through the Clockwork Watch online shop and select comic shops such as Page Forty Five

Clockwork Watch comics on Comixology

• Find Yomi Ayeni online at | Find Yomi on Facebook | Follow Yomi on Twitter @yoms

Find Corey Brotherson on Facebook | Follow Corey on Twitter @CoreyBrotherson


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