Close 2 Immortality to Launch at London Super Comic Con 2016 this weekend

Close 2 Immortality Books Launch

The launch line up for Close 2 Immortality

“To be remembered is to be eternal”

Close 2 Immortality is a brand new comics collective that will be launching at the upcoming London Super Comic Con over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of February 2015 at The Excel Centre in London’s Docklands.

We were contacted by the creators involved in this exciting new project over at the downthetubes dungeon. They had this to say about the new venture…

“It’s a platform for the collective’s members to promote themselves and their projects through a unified brand. The key is strength in numbers; building the name of the individual through the names of the many. C2I provides a platform for each other to be able to shout about what they do to more people; to signal boost each other and the projects they produce via social media and a larger presence at conventions.”

The core members – Michael Burgham (Post Mortem), Jon Laight (Brethren Born), Jay Martin (ALV and British Showcase Anthology), Chris Sides and Chris Travell (from the mighty Dark Matter and Whispering Sands) and Phil Woodward (from Post Mortem and Shepherdz) – are a collection of writers, artists, graphic designers, printers and amateur filmmakers who all share the same drive and the same passion for exciting and dynamic storytelling. With a selection of titles already released and a plethora of more to come, C2I is set to introduce a different way of working and a fresh, new perspective to the indie comic scene.

It’s great to see that some creators who I have been a fan of are joining up to create a small press company with grand dreams and cunning plans.

Close 2 Immortality ALV #1 - London Super Comic Con Promotion

To show that they mean business, Close 2 Immortality will be launching Issue One of ALV – The World’s Only Superhero at this weekend’s London Super Comic Con, written Jay Martin with art by Pablo Brar.

“The book’s lead, Adele Leigh Voss has always been an outcast,” Jay explains of the series premise. “It was mainly the super powers that did it. Now it’s more than that. A decision made by the world’s only super human has seen her jump to Number One on the worlds most wanted list and forced her in to hiding, but how long can she stay hidden?”

Close 2 Immortality have a bunch of great books, so if you are headed to the LSCC this year, be sure to po by their table.

London Super Comicon this year is really shaping up to be a big event in the UK Small Press scene. I’m excited to see what else appears….

• Find out more about this venture and what is coming soon at their Facebook page  or on Twitter @C2IMMORTALITY

• You can find a review of Dark Matter from Chris Sides, Chris Travell and a host of other great talent here – and there’s a review of Brethren Born from Jon Laight and Phillip Knibs here

Many thanks for reading.

Close 2 Immortality - Books February 2016

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