Comedian Peter Serafinowicz announces comics project with Jock

English actor, comedian, writer, composer, voice artist and occasional director Peter Serafinowicz announced his first comic book project at the Kapow! Comic Convention.

Nelson (not to be confused with the recent anthology collection from Blank Slate of the same name) is set in an alternate London in which Nelson is the de-facto chief of police and keeps the city free from crime due to a zero-tolerance policy which he enforces with superhuman strength.

The book will be drawn by British comics artist Jock, who fans will know from his awesome work on The Losers with Andy Diggle and his recent run on Batman with Scott Snyder.

Serafinowicz made his broadcasting debut in 1993 on Radio 1 show The Knowledge, a spoof documentary about the music industry. He subsequently lent his vocal talents to a number of radio projects before making his television debut in 1998 in Comedy Nation and You are Here. In 1999 he made a number of appearances in Channel 4 sitcom Spaced as Duane Benzie.

In the week before the 2006 Academy Awards a video circulated on the Internet called “O! News” about a newly redesigned Oscar statue, in which Serafinowicz shared his impersonations of Alan Alda, Paul McCartney and Al Pacino. A second ‘O! News’ video later appeared, parodying the 2006 Apple Corps v. Apple Computer lawsuit. This piqued the interest of the BBC, and a pilot was commissioned for The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

A full series was broadcast on BBC Two in 2007 (with a Christmas Special in 2008). For his performance, Serafinowicz was presented with the Best Entertainer prize at the 2008 Rose d’Or ceremony. The series was also nominated for Best Comedy Programme at the 2009 BAFTA Television Awards.

In 2010 Serafinowicz directed the music video for Hot Chip’s video ‘I Feel Better’, their second single from the album One Life Stand.

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