‘Comic Timing’ Exhibition Continues

The Harrods “Comic Timing” Exhibition, previously featured on these pages, is continuing until 31 October.

Rich Johnston has been in touch to let us know that “after a couple of false starts (signage and some frames were delayed a week), the exhibition in a small especially darkened corner of Harrods has been drawing people from across the globe and coverage from Popbitch to The Sunday Post.

“When I was a kid I could pretend I could tell my parents I was reading, even though I was just reading a comic,” says writer-comedian Richard Herring of the exhibition. “Now I can say I am going to an art gallery, even though I am just going to look at some comics. Thanks, comics!”

• “Comic Timing” is located in the Lower Ground Floor of Harrods and is directly down the stairs from Door Five, by the Knightsbridge Tube exit.
View a “Virtual Version” of the Exhbition on Flickr


Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Gentleman Jim by Raymond Briggs
Judge Dredd by Peter Harris/Pat Mills and Mike McMahon
Judge Dredd by John Wagner and Jock
The Bash Street Kids by Kev F Sutherland
Dennis The Menace by David Law
Korky The Kat by James Crighton
Oor Wullie by Dudley T Watkins
Batman: The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland
V For Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell
Tamara Drewe by Posy Simmonds
Petra Etcetera by Adrian Kermode and Terry Wiley
Commando by Alan Hemus and Dennis McLoughlin
Finbarr Saunders And His Double Entendres by Simon Thorp
Tank Girl by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett
Tale Of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot
Mauretania by Chris Reynolds
Captain Britain by Alan Moore and Alan Davis
Phonogram 2 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
Breakfast After Noon by Andi Watson
Slaine by Pat Mills and Glenn Fabry
Robusters by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill
Summer Of Love by Peter Milligan and Brendon McCarthy
Four Feet From A Rat by Mother and Liam Sharp
Rhapsody Of Love by Jeremy Dennis
All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely
The Filth by Grant Morrison and Chris Weston
Hellblazer by Eddie Campbell and Sean Phillips
Nellyphant by Leo Baxendale
Face Ache by Ken Reid
Jackie, The 8:17 by Unknown Artist
Robin Hood by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson
Cherubs by Bryan Talbot and Mark Stafford
Judge Death by John Wagner and Frazer Irving
Jack Staff by Paul Grist
Books Of Magic by Neil Gaiman and Paul Johnson
Goddess by Garth Ennis and Phil Winslade
Wired World by Philip Bond
Charley’s War by Pat Mills and Joe Colquhon

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