Comic Writers Joe Glass and Mark Abnett interviewed for latest Comic Art Festival Podcast

 Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast Episode 89 -comics writers Joe Glass and Mark Abnett

The latest episode of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast (Episode 89) features interviews with comics writers Joe Glass and Mark Abnett, alongside the usual line up of news, reviews and more.

Comic writer and creator Joe Glass is the writer and creator of numerous comic books including LGBTQ+ superhero series The Pride, Acceptable Losses and Glitter Vipers.

His current project, The Miracles, has successfully more than gained its funding target on Kickstarter. Joe is working with Elk Mountain‘s Vince UnderwoodVagrant Queen‘s Harry Saxon and Eisner Award-winning editor and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou on this intriguing-looking 120-page original graphic novel, about superhero refugees, and deep family secrets. The story centres on high school senior Elliot Morgan, a massive comic fan with graduation and Major Voltage Adventures on his mind, when he’s astonished to discover he has superhuman abilities of his own. 

The Miracles by Joe Glass

Mike Williams and Pete Taylor and also back in this episode, with a brand new series (and funky new theme tune as well) called Yakapedia. In this section, they and a special guest offer a unique take on what they call “QI meets Museum of Curiosity”. Their plan as custodians of the mighty tomb of the Comic Yakapedia is to review, amend and correct its many thousands of entries to ensure it remains a definitive library of comic trivia and nonsense!

On this episode they are joined by New Zealander Mark Abnett, who’s currently based in Dumfireds, the creator of another new successfully crowdfunded comics project, This Land.

Mark won a spot from thousands of entries in the inaugural Millarworld Content Creator talent contest in 2016, and his story “Mindy’s ABC’s” featuring Hit-Girl was printed in the Millarworld 2016 Annual, published by Image Comics. He established Aroha Comics in 2019 and is also co-creator of “SCHISM” with Glaswegian artist Chris Connolly – a groundbreaking story which manipulates the page with an infusion of Memento meets The Handmaid’s Tale meets Atomic Blond​e!

Most recently, he has been collaborating with Polish artist P.R. Dedelis on the title This Land, a story based in a future New Zealand that Mark says brings the best elements of Disney’s Moana, Marvels X-Men, and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods together in an all-new melting pot​.

This Land by Mark Abnett

Tom Stewart also reviews PUNO by the ever superb Gustaffo Vargas, and show hosts Ian Loxam and Nikki Bates discuss Lucy Sullivan’s Barking and give an update on the latest news for the Festival, which returns in October.

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