Comics Unlimited, new bi-monthly comics magazine, launches from GBF Publishing

Comics Unlimited #1 - Cover

GBF Publishing have just launched a new, bi-monthly magazine, Comics Unlimited, available now on Amazon.

GBF Publishing comprises Glenn B. Fleming and Tony Ingram – previously the partnership behind the comic magazine Crikey! – and others, who describe Comics Unlimited as “the new magazine comics fans have been waiting for, boasting outstanding artwork, excellent articles and in-depth interviews with the world’s leading comics creators.”

Priced £9.99 and running to 100 pages, the US-sized Comics Unlimited #1 includes interviews with ROM Spaceknight and GI Joe artist Guy Dorian, Sr. and, as Glenn puts it “the legend that is Howard Chaykin“.

  • Comics Unlimited #1 - Sample Pages
  • Comics Unlimited #1 - Sample Pages
  • Comics Unlimited #1 - Sample Pages

Author and artist Glenn B. Fleming has been self-publishing his books for some time now, more recently through Amazon, with a diverse range of titles under his belt that include Jack Kirby: Variations on a Theme, Rapa Nui (a look through the eyes of one man’s realisation of his lifetime dream to visit the remotest, inhabited, place on Earth), and Eight Seconds: A Dramatised Account of ‘Operation Tonga’.

Tony Ingram learned to read from comics in the early 1970s, and hasn’t stopped reading them since. An obsessive collector by the early ‘80s, he became involved in the world of fanzines in the ‘90s and ended up writing for and editing Crikey! Magazine in the 2000s, when not writing for various comics websites or doing his actual day job… which, these days, is dealing in comics.

“Basically, this man would have no life outside of comics,” Tony says of his chosen path in life, “if it weren’t for his wife (who also reads comics) and his cat (who doesn’t). Pity him…”

“The idea for Comics Unlimited has been around since Crikey! finished,” Glenn tells us. “I have lots of articles that needed to see the light of day!”

• Comics Unlimited is available now on AmazonUK (Affliliate Link)

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