Cover Reveal: The Latest Treasury of British Comics collections, including new Misty, Black Max

The covers for Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics new collections this autumn and winter have been revealed – Misty Volume Three, The Thirteenth Floor, Black Max, El Mestizo, and Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations.

All these collections can be ordered from your favourite book or comic shop now.

Misty Volume 3: Wolf Girl & Other Stories

Misty Volume 3: Wolf Girl & Other Stories
By Eduardo Feito and Jordi Badia Romero
Release Date: 20th September 2018
ISBN: 9781781086513
Paperback, £13.99

The third volume in the best-selling series collecting the best of the supernatural girls comic.. FULL MOON FEVER!

A baby girl is rescued by a wolf, after her parents are killed in a car crash. Having only recently lost a cub herself, the wolf adopts the girl as one of her own.

Two years later, soldiers on a military exercise find the child and bring her back to civilisation.

Now in her early teens, the girl (called Lona) discovers her wild origin from her adopted parents. As Lona’s bestial nature starts to resurface, she finds herself increasingly alone and at odds with the world around her…

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The Thirteenth Floor

The 13th Floor
By John Wagner, Alan Grant and Jose Ortiz
Release Date: 18th October 2018
ISBN: 9781781086537
Paperback, £14.99

This beautifully illustrated, darkly comical first volume includes the complete run of the strip from the legendary boy’s comic, Scream!


Maxwell Tower is a state-of-the art tower block – a bold, experimental council tenement, run by an A.I. called Max. As building superintendent, Max’s primary function is the welfare of his tenants, which he takes very seriously. And if anyone threatens either the residents or the building itself, they can expect a visit to the Thirteenth Floor – a place where nightmare and reality become one!

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Black Max Volume 1

Black Max Volume 1
By Frank Pepper, Eric Bradbury and Alfonso Font
Release Date: 4th October 2018
ISBN: 9781781086551
Paperback, £10.99

Thrilling supernatural war comics from the pages of classic British comics Lion and Thunder!


Ace fighter pilot Baron Maximilien Von Klorr is the scourge of the skies, menacing the Allied forces during the bloodiest battles in WWI. Skilled, ruthless and in possession of two giant, mutated kingbats who fight by his side, Von Klorr AKA Black Max is almost unstoppable. Only the brave pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, including Lieutenant Tom Wilson, oppose the Black Max’s complete dominance of the air…

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El Mestizo

El Mestizo
By Alan Hebden and Carlos Ezquerra
Release Date: 15th November 2018
ISBN: 9781781086575
Hardcover, £14.99

High-octane revenge Western from the co-creator of Judge Dredd.


1862 – a time of great turmoil. As the American Civil War tears a nation in two, dangerous men prosper through bloodshed. El Mestizo was once a slave who managed to escape to Mexico. Now he’s come back over the border – a mercenary for hire. But is he really allied to neither side?

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Ken Reid's Creepy Creations

Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations
By Ken Reid
Release Date: 29th November 2018
ISBN: 9781781086605
Hardcover, £16.99

Spine-tingling humour horror comics from Ken Reid, the British comics master behind Faceache!


The creatures contained within, are some of the most bizarre, hilarious and hideous ever to haunt the pages of a comic!
For the first time ever, marvel at The Many-Headed Monster from Monmouth! Tremble at the sight of Terry the Tellible! Recoil in horror from The Fork-Eating Spaghetti Spook! And much more besides!

A testament to Ken Reid’s artistic genius and his hugely creative imagination, these illustrations have been collected and lovingly restored in all their (creepy) glory.

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