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The inaugural Dunfermline Comic Con, held in the Scottish town’s Glen Pavilion on Saturday 5 March 2016, proved to be something of a runaway success. With all its tickets sold out in advance, the event was well attended by the public and for a first time event by first time organisers it attracted an impressive array of both professional guests and small press creators. The downthetubes’ review of the event is here.

Here are a few of the creators who were there:

Who is the most experienced Doctor Who comic strip artist working today? Mike Collins is most definitely a contender as his work has been seen in Panini’s Doctor Who Magazine, BBC Book’s hardback Doctor Who graphic novels, and IDW’s US format Doctor Who comics, plus he was the storyboard artist on the last season of the TV series itself.

There are more details of all Mike Collins’ work on his website Freakhouse Graphics.

Writer and artist Monty Nero has 2000AD, X-Men and the Hulk to his credit but is best known these days for writing his creator owned mini-series Death Sentence with art by Mike Dowling and its on-going sequel series Death Sentence: London with art by Martin Simmonds, both published by Titan.

There are more details of Monty Nero’s work on his website.

Former Commando editors Calum Laird (left) and George Low (right) show how they have managed to hold onto Commando cover art maestro Ian Kennedy (centre) for over 40 years. Now in his eighties Ian still paints new covers for the comic which is published a remarkable 104 times a year and has just reached issue 4900. Ian also painted the 2000AD Christmas 2015 cover of Judge Dredd surveying Mega City One and has painted two covers for Titan’s new Johnny Red comic.

Ian Kennedy talked to downthetubes about his work on 2000AD and Starlord here.

There are more details of Commando on the comic’s website.

From the University Of Dundee comics and animation courses lecturers Phillip Vaughan and Dr Chris Murray were showing off a pre-publication copy of the University’s annual Anthology which showcases the work of the students on the courses. Now on its sixth year it is being launched at the Toronto Comic Con and will be available for sale at the University’s Dee-Con event on Saturday 9 April 2016.

There are more details of the University Of Dundee Comics courses on the University website.

There are more details of Dee-Con 2016 at the event’s Facebook page.

Artist’s prints are a popular purchase at conventions and Dunfermline Comic Con was no exception. Lynsey Hutchinson had her work on sale featuring a range of familiar faces from comics to television and included many mash-up images including Dredd/Batman and Hellboy/Weeping Angels.

There are more details of Lynsey Hutchinson’s work at

A familiar face at Scottish events these days is Saltire creator and writer John Ferguson. The latest title in the graphic novel series is Saltire: Immortal Guardian with artwork by Clare Roe who was also guesting at Dunfermline on the day.

There are more details of the Saltire series on the Diamondsteel Comics website.

Saltire has been featured and reviewed in downthetubes here.


Bob Turner of Castle Rock Comics writes and illustrates silent comics including the DTH RTL series (that’s Death Rattle to the non-text savvy of us). Silent comics can be a challenge for some to read but, and trust me on this, they are an even bigger challenge to review having reviewed silent titles by Accent UK and Improper Books. That said DTH RTL is an impressive book and well worth the effort.

There are more details of Bob Turner’s books on the Castle Rock blog and e-shop.

Tony Esmond’s downthetubes’ review of DTH RTL 1 is here.

Alan Henderson had his Penned Guin series of newspaper style humour strips on display which feature, well, penguins. Alan posts these deceptively simple three panel strips to his Tumbler before compiling them in books of which he currently has four – Melting Pot, Out And About, Cold Feet, and Flying Lessons. He also has a range of penguin themed advertising poster postcards of which a favourite must be ‘The Waddling Dead’.

There are more details of Alan Henderson’s work on his Penned Guin Tumbler.

In late 2014 artist Graeme Neil Reid took on the self-imposed challenge of finishing one Doctor Who watercolour painting every week for a year, no matter what else he was working on. The result of this was a portfolio book that he could send to publishers and editors entitled 52: A Year In Time And Space. For conventions Graeme creates a limited number of copies with watercolour sketches of various old and new Who creatures and characters that can be viewed through a specially cut roundel in the front cover. These proved so popular at Dunfermline that he sold out of all his sketched copies whether they were the very obvious Daleks and Cybermen or the rather less obvious Jammy Dodgers or smiley faced apples.

There are more details of Graeme Neil Reid’s work on his website and the set of 52 Doctor Who paintings covered in the book are available on his Tumblr site.

Writer and artist Steven Ingram produces a range of titles for his Blurred Lines Comics imprint. As well as the anthology The Saddest Whale and Other Stories he has an ongoing series entitled Left about two girls, Sam and Kat, who leave Edinburgh for London to escape the attentions of a cult known as The Community. Left has now reached an impressive five issues.

There are more details of Steven Ingram’s work at his Blurred Lines Comics website.


And finally, writer Colin Maxwell and artist Michael Philip of Maximised Comics were in Dunfermline to promote their Scottish historical comics King Robert The Bruce And The Wars Of Independence and the newly released Wallace And Moray: Guardians Of Scotland which features thirteenth century Scottish warriors William Wallace and Andrew De Moray.

There are more details of all Maximised Comics’ titles on their website.

Given the public’s interest in this new event, plus all 2500 tickets being sold out before the doors opened, the odds look very good that the Dunfermline Comic Con will be returning in 2017.

The downthetubes review of the 2016 Dunfermline Comic Con is here.

There are more details of the Dunfermline Comic Con on the event’s Facebook page.

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