Crikey! regroups after Borders collapse

Crikey12.jpgThe editor of British comics magazine Crikey! has revealed the recent collapse of Borders UK has proved a bit of a catastrophe for the magazine, as the loss of that chain and its affiliates took away about 70% of its distribution.

No alternative distributive possibilities are available to the title at this stage, which means a ‘regroup’ for the title. The title’s sales are too small for Diamond to consider distributing it, for example – and the money the magazine has lost from the Borders collapse means they can’t currently afford to go into another high street chain.

“So we’re retrenching and regrouping and in the meantime going back to our old format for #13,” says editor Tony Ingram in a post to the downthetubes forum, “but there is one bit of positive news; we’ve been adding content to the website at, and we now have our own brand spanking new Crikey! forum there, too.

“All are welcome, so please don’t leave us talking to ourselves.”

• More about Crikey! at

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