Crowdfunding Spotlight: Action Force Palitoy Collectors’ Guide

Jim Marshall, keeper of the invaluable Blood for the Baron site dedicated to all things Action Force, has launched a Kickstarter project for the second printing of his guide book to the popular toys.

The Action Force fansite has been runnning for over 17 years, dedicated to bringing word of these exclusive UK toys to their long-lost cousins in the GI Joe community.

Created purely for the love of the brand, Jim Marshall’s guide is the first of its kind, weighing in at 300 pages and covering every aspect of this amazing toy range by Palitoy.

Action Force toys

The second edition has been overhauled to provide an improved print quality, and new images and information added to this exhaustive guide.

Action Man

The book covers every aspect of Action Force toys, from the original ‘Action Man in miniature’ to the ever-popular Red Shadows and their Action Force counterparts; Z Force, Q Force, Space Force and the SAS.

Also included are the German Anti-Terror Team variants and the exclusive UK GI Joe and Cobra releases.

With over 2000 new photographs, the guide also features full information on the plethora of cardbacks, comics, fanclub packs and promotional merchandise.

This Palitoy Collectors’ Guide sounds like a must-have for both Action Force and GI Joe fans alike, and given it has almost reached its £6000 target within the first days of the Kickstarter launch, we don’t think we’re alone in that assessment!

Check out the Action Force – Palitoy Collectors’ Guide Kickstarter here

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