Crowdfunding Spotlight: Air War Stories #2 by Sam Glanzman

US independent publisher It’s Alive has launched a Kickstarter campaign to publish Air War Stories #2 by Sam Glanzman.

Air War Stories #2 – Standard Cover by Sam Glanzman

Through this campaign, you can pick up both the standard cover, and the variant cover, both by Sam Glanzman.

And in case you missed the first campaign, you can also pick up a copy of Air War Stories #1 (also available from the It’s Alive web store in regular and variant editions).

Each issue of Air War Stories focuses on aerial war battles, illustrated brilliantly by comic book legend, World War Two veteran, and Eisner Award-nominee Sam Glanzman.

This issue, offering restored versions of classic stories, features: “The Hurricane That Wasn’t” set during World War Two, “Admiral’s Country” set during the Cold War, “The Crimson Coffin?” set during World War One, and “Tag-Along Takes Over” set during World War Two.

Also included are essays about Sam Glanzman, original covers, vintage advertisements, and more.

This comic was originally published in the early 1964. As such, the original pages are a bit rough compared to today’s standards. Therefore, each page of this comic has been professionally restored by Allan Harvey, to give reader’s the best possible presentation of Sam Glanzman’s incredible artwork.

It’s Alive! is the brainchild of multiple Eisner Award-nominee Drew Ford, publishing out of print comics, English translations of foreign material, original projects, and other unique collectibles.

“We hope you will consider backing this campaign,” asks publisher Drew Ford, “and spreading the word to your family and friends, helping us to continue bringing more of Sam Glanzman’s best work back into print.”

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for Air War Stories #2 here

Air War Stories #1 is available from the It’s Alive web store in regular and variant editions

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