Crowdfunding Spotlight – Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail

Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail - BannerThe team behind Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail, a comics anthology to raise funds and awareness for the humanitarian crisis at the US border, has agreed a distribution deal with UK-based iesorno zines to bring the title to the UK and the European Union.

Currently seeking crowdfunding through Fractured Atlas, a not-for-profit arts service organisation, the primary objective of the Borderx project is to collect and present a large group of voices on the concept of borders and migration, and also seeks to raise money for the US-based South Texas Human Rights Center. Borderx also promotes the work of Project Amplify, the Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project and Freedom For Immigrants.

Featuring an international list of over 70 creators, the project is seeking $5000 of support with over $3000 raised so far to bring the anthology to life. The project team, led by Founder and Editor In Chief Mauricio Cordero, has collected fiction, non-fiction, journalist accounts and large collection of first hands accounts of the situation within the infamous detention facilities paid for and managed by the United States government.

Contributors include British creators such as Andrew Richmond, Simon Russell and John A.Short, the project also stories by Eisner Award-winning comic artists Tom Hart and David Lasky, and other award-winning writers and artists such as Donna Barr, David Martin Davies, Hernan Gonzalez, Brian DeLay, Lan Pitts and Consuelo Terra.

Work for Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail by Simon Russell

Work for Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail by Simon Russell

Stories featured span the globe and spin through time, but the large majority take a deep look at the situation at the Mexico-US border, setting out to document, in comic book form, contemporary views by artists and writers.

Work for Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail by Paolo Massagli

Work for Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail by Paolo Massagli

Work for Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail by Mike Roth and Hernandez Gonzalez

Work for Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail by Mike Roth and Hernandez Gonzalez

The distribution agreement with iesorno zines will enable UK and EU customers can now purchase a copy of the anthology at a reduced postage rate. This partnership will reduce costs for UK and EU residents and so increase the opportunity to raise international awareness around the fate of migrants travelling to the US and the treatment they face upon entry.

“When I was made aware of this comic collection, I immediately wanted to get word out, as well as secure myself a copy,” explains Iestyn Pettigrew of iesorno zines said. “However, international post is very expensive and makes access to such projects prohibitive outside of the United States.

“I believe in the mission of this comic to aid grassroots organisations seeking to improve the situation of marginalised individuals as well as delivering the stories of these individuals’ actual experiences so that people can hear their truth and make up their own minds.

“I offered to distribute in the UK and EU to help make this project more affordable in the hope that it will make access to these important stories by a whole string of exciting creators easier for those outside the US.”

“I’m very excited to be able to offer reduced shipping costs to the UK and EU,” commented Project Founder Mauricio Cordero, “and hope it will help spread the word of what is happening in our country and increase the support for this project.”

In addition to the approximately 150-page comic anthology, a complimentary study guide will also be published, with bibliographic information, source materials, further reading, study projects, how-to guides, and more.

The beneficiary, the South Texas Human Rights Center, will use the donated funds for their three-part mission. Water stations in the desert area of Brooks County and the surrounding area to prevent the death of those walking through the area. Search and rescue for individuals who report their loved ones missing.

Forensic recovery and identification of the remains of individuals who have lost their lives in the desert so their families can find closure as they lay their loved ones to rest.

Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail is seeking crowdfunding here on Fractured Atlas| Approximately 150 full colour pages, perfect bound standard US Sized comic (6.625”x10.25”) | UK cost – minimum $26 (approximately £20), includes delivery; European Union cost – minimum $33 (approximately £26)

More about Borderx: A Crisis In Graphic Detail at | Facebook | Instagram

If you are a writer/artist who wants to get involved in Borderx, visit this page

Find out more about the South Texas Human Rights Center at | The Guardian articles on the work of the South Texas Human Rights Center

Listen to The Dead In The Desert series of profiles on Texas Public Radio by Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist David Martin Davies

BORDERx is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a not-for-profit arts service organisation. Contributions for the charitable purposes of BORDERx must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only. Any contribution above the value of any good or service received by donor is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law

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