Crowdfunding Spotlight: Collected Tragic Tales of Horrere

Collected Tales of Horrere - Cover

For the very first time the team behind horror comic project Tragic Tales of Horrere are combining issues One and Two, the Halloween special and the Horrere Presents one-shot Laudanum into one stunning trade paperback collection.

This brand-new book  is a must have for anyone with a love of horror comics, or just a love of horror in general – and acts as a fantastic jumping on point to get fully up to date with the anthology.

Created and curated by Alisdair Wood, Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones, Tragic Tales of Horrere is a love letter to all things horror. A project described by the team as “an over-stuffed collection of the spooky, disorientating and surprising in the tradition of classic horror comic anthologies like Eerie, Scream and Creepshow”.

From "The Thin Place" by Rob Jones, Michael Sambrook and Neil Ford

From “The Thin Place” by Rob Jones, Michael Sambrook and Neil Ford

Art from "You are what you eat" by Robin Jones, Michael Sambrook and Gareth Sleightholme

Art from “You are what you eat” by Robin Jones, Michael Sambrook and Gareth Sleightholme

These spooky tales have been bound by dark magic and contained for your enjoyment within the 120+ pages of this demonic tome. If you’re brave enough to peek inside you’ll find demonic babies in bell-jars, Bigfoot, Lovecraftian horrors, confused professors, tombs that should have remained firmly sealed and much, much more.

“This collection is a wonderful blend of all things horror from the vague and psychological, to the spooky and the ghostly,” enthuses Rob Jones, “and of course a healthy dose of blood-soaked gore too for good measure.

“If it’s horror, it’s in here. We’ll take you to the places where the line blurs between our world and the other side. Tragic Tales of Horrere will delight and disturb you in equal measure!”

From "Grimoire part one" by Jones, Michael Sambrook and Alisdair Wood

From “Grimoire part one” by Jones, Michael Sambrook and Alisdair Wood

Contained within this monstrous 128-page trade paperback is stunning art from the blood
soaked hands of Alisdair Wood, Alastair McLauchlan, Gareth Sleightholme, Neil Ford, Alexa Renee, Joe Becci and Diego Simone, with pin-ups from Ian McQue, Dean Hopkins, Russell MacEwan and more. With stories from the depraved minds of writers Rob Jones, Michael Sambrook, Mat Pringle and Luis Rolden Torquemada, it will chill you to your very core.

The Tragic Tales of Horrere Kickstarter campaign runs until 1st December 2018 here, so make sure to hop on over and check it out. Copies are on sale for the great price of £12


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