Crowdfunding Spotlight: Dan Fadil – First Light by Tomislav Košta and Edinburgh’s Komic Brew

Dan Fadil: First Light - Cover

Edinburgh-based independent publishers Komic Brew have just launched a Kickstarter to fund publication of Dan Fadil: First Light by Croatian artist Tomislav Košta – a gorgeous-looking, hand painted graphic novel publication, the first of an adventure trilogy set in medieval times.

Dan Dadil: First Light is billed a bold debut and the first book in a trilogy written by and featuring Tomislav’s the stunning oil paintings created over a period of three and a half years. In all, the first book features 48 sublime pages of oil on paper, comprising 386 hand-painted panels, each one of them a miniature work of art.

Dan Fadil: First Light is a story of love and loss, of war and the search for inner peace; a story of treachery and treason, and the quest for freedom.

Dan Fadil: First Light - Sample Art

In the story, Dan Fadil, an old monk recalls his turbulent life and his young scribe writes those memories down for prosperity. When he was a young boy, Fadil was known as Lobel Gothar, the son of a master shipbuilder, whose peaceful childhood ends abruptly when bad news reaches his family. Lobel’s brothers have perished in the war, his father is accused of treason and their tranquil life is shattered and thrown into turmoil.

In desperation, Lobel’s father takes matters into his own hands – with terrible consequences.

Dan Fadil: First Light - Sample Art

After spending a long time in prison, Lobel’s father dreams of escaping to his homeland. But war rages on, and it is forbidden to leave the city. The only way out is through building a gayeta, a small boat, but this is illegal. And it doesn’t help that Lobel is in love with Ida, a girl whose father is a treacherous politician…

Komic Brew – whose previously- published successful Kickstarter projects include the picture book Scarecrows by Berin Tuzlic – are asking for support to enable them to print this beautiful graphic novel to the standard it deserves, offered in both digital and softcover editions.

The publishing company was co-founded by Adam Armit and Goce Cvetanovski and has a focus on graphic novels, comic books, and comic strips in the fantasy, SF and horror genres. Their goal is to bring to the anglophone audience high quality comics and graphic novels, published in various small countries that have never been available in English before.

Dan Fadil: First Light - Sample Art

“Tomislav’s atmospheric storyline is lifted by his dramatic use of light and colour in his oil paintings,” enthuses Adam Armit of Dan Fadil – First Light. “His colour palette and imagery perfectly captures each moment in the story, a testament to his command of the medium.

“I tried combining parts of the history of the eastern Adriatic coast with my imagination and put them together in one book,” says Tomiuslave of his beautiful-looking project. “The boat ‘gayeta’ is the leitmotif throughout the story.

“That boat is an ineffaceable part of the history of my people,” he continues. “Not only for the Croatian part of the Mediterranean, but for the entire Mediterranean as well. This book is my homage and expression of respect to all the people who made their living on those boats, and who lived in harmony with the sea”.

You can back Dan Fadil – First light here on Kickstarter

You can download a free preview of Dan Fadil: First Light here

• Find out more about Komic Brew at

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