Crowdfunding Spotlight: Future Primitive Magazine #1

Future Primitive Magazine #1 Regular Cover by Boban
Future Primitive Magazine #1 Regular Cover by Boban

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the first issue of Future Primitive Magazine #1 is now live – a project created by writer Kevin Gunstone, whose past work includes series published by Marvel and Image Comics, and artist and game designer Slobodan Jovanovic, aka Boban.

Set on the timeless continent of Ultima Pangea, on an Earth of strange mysteries and archaic races, Future Primitive, which looks utterly stunning, chronicles the adventures of Kulkan, the Neanderthal king of the Skybearers.

In the first story, Kulkan battles to protect the all-powerful energy source his civilisation worship as a God as he faces the rampaging Australopith Moon Klan…

Created by writer Kevin Gunstone and artist Slobodan Jovanovic with colours by Stefan Mrkonjic and lettering/design by Patrick Foster, Future Primitive will be published under the collective banner of Studio Azoth.

First published by Markosia in 2016, Future Primitive has now been recoloured and will be released as a 56-page, full colour A4 magazine that recalls the 1970’s comic magazines such as Heavy Metal, Savage Sword of Conan, Warren’s 1984/94, and Epic Illustrated, that inspired Future Primitive’s original creation.

The series has quite a fan following, and appreciation from fellow comics professionals, who include John Higgins, creator of Razorjack, and BPRD artist Laurence Campbell.

Future Primitive is one of the most fully realized alternative savage world imaginings I have read, consistent in its quality of writing and art,” John says. “To keep that standard up requires a creative team of impeccable credentials with imagination, empathy, concentration and stamina, this can only be made possible by writer Kevin Gunstone, finding the right artist collaborators who are willing to work late nights, finishing deadlines through sheer determination and professionalism … or as it is comics … late nights, fast food, alcohol and legal highs!”

In the first issue of the planned magazine, the team are joined by the legendary DC/Milestone artist Prentis Rollins, who has produced a fantastic variant cover.

Future Primitive Magazine #1 Variant Cover by Prentice Rollins
Future Primitive Magazine #1 Variant Cover by Prentice Rollins

As well as Rollins variant cover, rewards include a black and white edition of the magazine, a set of concept art prints, t-shirts, and some of the original art pages by Slobodan Jovanovic.

“It’s been a dream to get the rights to Future Primitive back,” says series writer/creator Kevin Gunstone, “and we can’t wait to further explore this crazy and highly visual world.

“The first Future Primitive adventure – Memory of Being – was published by Markosia Enterprises in 2016,” Kevin continues. “We have always wanted to produce a sequel, and last year reacquired the publishing rights to plan its return.

The Aten - concept art for Future Primitive
The Aten – concept art for Future Primitive

Future Primitive is a big story, so we need to present it from the beginning. In the first three issues we will reprint the original story, recolour pages, and add extra material to enhance this unique world.

“Boban and Stefan spend countless hours illustrating this fantastical adventure, and this gives them a vital headstart on the sequel.

“From the very start, Future Primitive has been a labour of love for us,” he continues. “It’s been a creative challenge to produce a comic inspired by our passion for weird science fantasy, legendary adventure, and epic world and myth building.”

Check out the Kickstarter for Future Primitive Magazine #1 here

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Original art for Future Primitive by Slobodan Jovanovic
Original art for Future Primitive by Slobodan Jovanovic

The Future Primitive Team

Kevin Gunstone is a Brighton-based comicbook writer from the UK. His last series, Planet of Daemons, was a tale of occult high adventure and mystery, published by Amigo Comics.

The co-creator of the imaginative and spectacular stonepunk epic Future Primitive, Kevin is also a visiting lecturer on Cartoon and Comics Art degree course at Staffordshire University, and in the past has written series for both Marvel and Image Comics. Kevin also likes to DJ House tunes in whatever spare time he has…

Twitter: @KevinGunstone

Slobodan Jovanovic – aka Boban – is a comic book artist, illustrator, game designer and animator from Serbia. His comics work include Northern Steele and Future Primitive. As a game designer, he worked on the board game Gangs of the Undercity and he has worked as an animator on the horror movie To Your Last Death. Slobodan is currently working on two comics, a game design, and some illustrations.

Instagram: @bobanno1

Stefan Mrkonjić is a comic book colourist, artist and graphic designer from Šabac, Serbia. His short comics and illustrations have been published in the Serbian magazines EON, Emitor, and Raketlaand Omaja. As a colourist, he’s worked on Future Primitive, Planet of Daemons, and Gloria (Albertosaurus Entertainment), as well as working on covers for The Fallen with artist Zoran Janković.

Instagram: @steff_616

Check out the Kickstarter for Future Primitive Magazine #1 here

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