Crowdfunding Spotlight: “Hatch Annotated” by Glenn B Fleming

Comic creator Glenn B Fleming has just launched a crowdfunder for a full colour one hundred page collection of his Hatch stories, over on the FundMyComic platform.

The Hatch Annotated Book by Glenn B Fleming

Hatch lives on a remote asteroid far out in space and has no knowledge of anything, other that he is completely alone. That said, he is never lonely, even though his day compounds bewilderment and disbelief as his life unfolds.

The annotated edition of his adventures will feature both published and unpublished art, and boasts an in-depth interview with creator Glenn, as he takes us through the birth and evolution of this lovable character.

“Hatch has been around almost forty years,” says Glenn, “never failing to entertain readers around the world and has recently been nominated in several categories for the newly established and highly prestigious ‘Hatch’ Awards’. It makes sense that Hatch may even win his own award, standing on his own, in a league of one! (Imagine if he didn’t win!).”

“Hatch is not an ordinary cartoon character, ” he continues. “Far from it. He’s a builder, an experimentor and a time traveller; though he is a ‘man’ lost in time and space, his world is not without incident, not without accident and not without meaning. Hatch endures in us all; struggling to come to terms with himself, his world and his universe. A universe he marvels at, embraces and is ultimately frustrated with, albeit in a comedic way.”

Hatch by Glenn B Fleming
Hatch by Glenn B Fleming

Glenn B Fleming has been writing and drawing for as long as he can remember. And that’s a long time. In the mid 1980s, right in the middle of a successful career in graphics, Glenn took the time to launch his own comics studio, where he created and published several SF comics over a four year period. During this period, he also created ‘Hatch’, one of his craziest cartoon characters.

Initially produced to be a syndicated strip, the longevity of Hatch has led to this annotated book, giving the reader an insight to Glenn’s creative mind and application. In this book you will find notes, anecdotes and reproductions of original art pertaining to Hatch’s creation, the early strips, a meeting with a King, and then the publication of Hatch in his own comic book series.

You will witness the evolution of the character and direction of the strip as Hatch grows through the years. 

Original art first published in 1987 is up for grabs as a reward for early backers
Original art first published in 1987 is up for grabs as a reward for early backers

Hatch is currently written, drawn and lettered by Glenn while his is wife Helen comes up with most of the best ideas for the strip. They tell us they have a ball producing Hatch – and hope this book will show you how it’s done.

If you haven’t heard of FundMyComic before, it began as an alternative platform to the big crowdfunding platforms that the American team behind it felt had become a place that no longer upheld the idea of independence and freedom of expression.  

“We wanted to have our own platform where we as creators knew that we would be safe as long as we ran honest and transparent campaigns.”

Check out Hatch on FundMyComic Here

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