Crowdfunding Spotlight: Little Heroes Comics Charity Anthology #2

Little Heroes Comics is a UK based charity that sends comic making kits to children who find themselves in hospitals and healthcare institutes across the country.  Right now, they’re raising funds for their second anthology over on Kickstarter.

Following up on the successful first issue around the theme of ‘Strength’, the team are looking to raise the funds for the printing costs to get this new anthology made, which will be sold at various comic conventions and local events to spread the message of Little Heroes and give people a great way to support their cause.

With a great line up of indie British talent that includes the Etherington Brothers, Susie Gander, Jon Laight, Steve Tanner and more, this is well worth checking out, for a very good cause.

As an added incentive to backing the project, one special winner (picked at random from backers) will win the chance to have their family face off against another superfamily on a variant cover of the anthology.

Little Heroes are also offering backers not only the chance to obtain the new Anthology but also the chance to send comic making kits to sick children.

A donation from you could send a kit to a sick child. (Check the reward tiers on the Kickstarter page for further information).

Each kit contains everything a child needs to create their own comic book. To find out more about the kits you can read all about them over on our website

You can back the Little Heroes Comics Charity Anthology #2 here on Kickstarter

The Strips and Creators

Galland And Amos

Created By: Rob Barnes
Website: Facebook:

Tooth + Claw

Created By: Claire Spiller
Twitter: @claireaspiller Website:

Escape From Casa Kaiju!

Written By: Forrest C. Helvie
Twitter: @fhelvie Website:

Art By: Joseba Morales
Twitter: @joseba_morales Website:

Letters By: Adam Wollet

Twitter: @adamwollet Website:

Supermom & Catdad

Story By: Rob Andersin
Website: www.IndieAdvocates.com

Art By: Rahil Mohsin
Instagram: @rahil_mohsin Facebook: @rahil.mohsin

The Mountain Wolf!

Created By: Tom Roberts
Twitter: @ZoomIllustrates Instagram: @zoom_illustration Website:

Vampire Squid Boy!

Story by Dwight and Rebecca MacPherson!
Twitter: @hpcomics_

Art by: Matt Sandbrook
Twitter: @mattsandbrook Website:

Logo and letters by Simon Robins
Twitter: @srobins_colours Website:

Oh God

Written By: Stu Perrins
Twitter: @stuperrins

Art By: Tom Curry
Twitter: @thischucklehead

Hot Lava Monster

Written & Lettered By Eddy Hedington
Facebook: @edward.hedington Website:

Art By: Fares Zoghlami
Facebook: @approtis Instagram: @approtis

Mandy the Monster Hunter in The Crocodile in the Carpet

Story by Mark Adams and Matt Warner
Script by Matt Warner Twitter: @HellboundMedia Website:

Art by Lyndon White
Twitter: @lyndondraws Website:

Lettering by Nikki Foxrobot
Twitter: @nikkifoxrobot Website:

The Cov Kids

Created By: Nick Shingler

The Tale Of The Chemonster

Story By: Samuel LondonTwitter: @SamuelGLondon Website:

Art By: Sarah MilmanTwitter: @Heart_of_Time Website:

The Vital Ingredient: A Late Knights Story

Art By: Matt Strott
Twitter: @MesyComics

Story By: Jon Laight
Twitter: @level8comics

Letters By: Ken Reynolds
Twitter: @kreynoldsdesign Website:

Family Fun

Created By: Kev Brett Twitter: @kev_brett Instagram: @kev_brett Website

Family Plot

Written By: Steve Tanner & Sasha Tanner-D’cruzTwitter: @stevetanneruk

Art By: Susie Gander
Twitter: @SusieGander Website:

Letters By: Ken Reynolds

How To Think When You Draw

Created By: Lorenzo EtheringtonTwitter: @EtheringtonBros

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