Crowdfunding Spotlight: Living With Cancer – Our Stories

It’s a shocking statistic, but half of us will be diagnosed with a cancer of some sort during our lifetimes. In response, the CHIP Collective have designed Living With Cancer: Our Stories – a comic to explain to us all what it’s like to get a diagnosis, and what effects that has on those around us – and, hopefully, encourage discussion.

As well as creating their own individual works, the aim of the the members of the Falkirk-based CHIP Collective is to create informative graphic novels to raise awareness about varied ranges of subjects to as wide an audience as possible.

Their first project is Living With Cancer: Our Stories, featuring the work of nine different artists, telling six people’s stories – Naomi, Carly, Ann, Vesna, Raj and Walkiria – of how their lives have been affected by cancer, or their work in the medical field of cancer.

This project aims to raise awareness about different cancer types and how they affect people differently; provide a source of support and solidarity to readers who may be going through cancer themselves; provide helpful information to those living with cancer and their loved ones who want to support them; and encourage conversation about cancer and cancer treatment

The CHIP Collective also hope it will help people of most ages and learning abilities have a better understanding of cancer by using comics as an accessible and friendly informative medium, and give readers an idea of how cancer treatment and research has changed and progressed over the years.

“I chose to share my story because I know the intense suffering that comes with losing someone close to cancer,” says Ann. “I lost my Mum very prematurely and suddenly to ovarian cancer when I was a young student.

“The trauma and lack of support devastated me and affected my life for years. I wanted to share my story out of respect for my late work colleague whose daughter is involved in the project and also to try to help people feel less alone when they face caring for or losing someone they love to cancer. The comic would definitely have helped me.”

Living with Cancer, which has already raised over £1000 of its £6200 initial goal, features comics by Elliot “Ell” Balson, Eve Greenwood, Sarah Holliday, Rebecca Horner, Mairi Isla, Sara Julia, Ashling Larkin, Catriona Laird and Jules Valera.

Once the Kickstarter is funded, the books are printed, the artists are paid and the rewards are sent out, the CHIP Collective want to get copies of the book in schools, libraries and GP waiting rooms.

“With any leftover books we have, we’ll be selling those at conventions and on-line and using the proceeds from the book sales to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.”

Check out the CHIP Collective Kickstarter for Living With Cancer: Our Stories here

• Find out more about CHIP Collective on Twitter @CHIP_Collective and on Facebook

Please note the Collective we will not be using any of the money raised from this Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Cancer Research UK as that is against the Kickstarter guidelines).

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