Crowdfunding Spotlight: Midsummer Night’s Dream Team – The Graphic Novel

Midsummer Night's Dream Team - The Graphic Novel

Following up swiftly on the successful campaign for his hugely enjoyable Shakespeare-inspired graphic novel The Prince of Denmark Street, comic creator and sock puppet maestro Kev F. Sutherland is now seeking support for his new story, The Midsummer Night’s Dream Team.

“I’ve adapted Shakespeare’s comedy into a heist movie,” he explains, “with twists in the tale but still faithful to the classic story and lots of its dialogue. Like the previous books, the story is set in 1977, and this time revolves around a jewellery theft that takes place during the marriage of Theo The Greek and Hippolyta at Athens Restaurant.”

Midsummer Night's Dream Team - The Graphic Novel by Kev F. Sutherland

In The Midsummer Night’s Dream Team, everyone’s a suspect, but who done it? Was it the star crossed lovers Hermia, Lysander, Dmitri and Helena? Or the band of players, performing their prog rock concept album Pyramus & Thisbe – Bottom, Snug, Snout, Starveling and Flute?

Or did the culprits come from the nightclub next door, Woods, where we meet the owners Titania and Oberon, the dancers Peasblossom, Moth, Cobweb and Mustardseed, and the mischievous and mysterious Puck?

Leave it to Inspector Philostrate and her sidekick Constable Bill to solve the crime, in this 120-page graphic novel, written and drawn by Kev F Sutherland, which also includes the full text of Shakespeare’s play at the back of the book.

Midsummer Night's Dream Team - The Graphic Novel by Kev F. Sutherland

This is Kev’s third riff on Shakespeare’s plays to be released this year; Findlay Macbeth and The Prince Of Denmark Street, were both published thanks to successful Kickstarter campaigns.

I thoroughly enjoyed Findlay Macbeth and I’m sure this will be just as much fun, so do give it a look.

Midsummer Night's Dream Team - The Graphic Novel by Kev F. Sutherland

Kev F Sutherland is a writer and artist on comics as diverse as Beano, Doctor Who Magazine, Marvel’s Doctor Strange and Star Trek, Oink, VIZ, Zig & Zag’s Zogazine, Red Dwarf Smegazine, and dozens more.

He writes and performs the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre and makes regular appearances as a comedian, presenter, and general know-it-all on TV and radio, as well as teaching kids how to create comics in his popular Comic Art Master Classes. He’s even appeared as a despairing advisor on The Apprentice.

Check out the campaign for The Midsummer Night’s Dream Team here on Kickstarter

• Kev F. Sutherland is online at | Follow Kev on Twitter @falsettosocks | YouTube

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