Crowdfunding Spotlight: Milford Green, a Victorian alien graphic novel

Milford Green - Graphic Novel

Apart from winning “Prettiest Village in the British Empire, 1897” Milford Green is a normal village in the rolling hills of Southern England. That is until on one summer’s evening, Alfie Fairfield, a socially awkward inventor, sees some kind of flying vehicle shoot across the sky and crash land into a field.

Being a curious fellow who is interested in any type of machinery, Alfie investigates to find out that we are not alone in this universe…

Milford Green is the complete one-shot graphic novel revealing what happened one night in 1897, the brainchild of Hampshire-based comics writer Samuel George London, who came up with the idea of Milford Green last summer which, if funded, will feature some really nifty looking art from Finnish artist Mikael Hankonen. If you’re not familiar with the name, he’s the creator of a fantastic webcomic called Year In Hereafter

Milford Green - Graphic Novel - Characters

“I joined up with Samuel to work on Milford Green as the artist after hearing of his intentions to mix sci-fi and Victorian history together,” says Mikael. “Being quite fond of both genres, I was keen to be involved. During the conceptual process and planning I’ve found Samuel to be very professional and have enjoyed working with him. I can’t wait to draw these characters in action!”

Milford Green - Graphic Novel - Alfie

Milford Green - Graphic Novel - Mary

“I was walking in the hills of Hampshire when a vision of an alien spacecraft shot across the sky right in front of me,” says Samuel of the book’s origins. “I couldn’t get this image out of my head, and over the following months a story about where this vision came from formed in my head.

“November I wrote a script for the story, and by December I found Mikael,  artist who is a perfect fit for the art of both the Victorian era and aliens.”

Looking to raise £3000 to pay Mikael for his art and print a first run of the 48-page book, I think the samples indicate what a nice-looking book this is and with its Victorian setting it may well sit well with steampunk fans out there. Give it a look…

Check out the Kickstarter here – target £3000

• You can find Samuel George London online at or follow him on Twitter @SamuelGLondon

• You can check out more of Mikael Hankonen’s work on his DeviantArt page or follow him on Twitter @yearinhereafter

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