Crowdfunding Spotlight: Resolution, a new cosmic saga from top comic industry legends

There’s still time to support Resolution – an oversize, action-packed hardcover graphic novel by writer Ron Marz, artists Rick Leonardi and Andy Lanning, and colourist Andrew Dalhouse – which looks really impressive.

In Resolution, a legendary member of an outer-space corps of heroes has withdrawn to a remote world in solitude. But her past catches up to her as former comrades arrive to convince her to come back and bring a former arch-nemesis to justice…

“It’s a creator-owned project for the fans that is funded by the fans,” says Andy Lanning. “We’re getting there but need your support to make this thing real!”

Here’s just a taster of the project, images featured across social media by the creators, to tempt backers…

A Special Edition Portfolio, offered as an add-on reward, includes contributions from Ron Lim, Bart Sears, Liam Sharp and others, and there are plenty of other great extras on offer, too, including exclusive prints, commissions – and even the opportunity to buy Rick’ impressive cover art.

Ron Marz is a writer, mostly of comic books and graphic novels, well known for his work on Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, as well as the Marvel vs DC crossover and Batman/Aliens. He also worked on the CrossGen Comics series Scion, Mystic, Sojourn, and The Path. At Dark Horse Comics, he created Samurai: Heaven and Earth and various Star Wars comics, and wrote Jon Carter: Warlord of Mars for Dynamite.

More recent works include a number of Top Cow books, including Witchblade and a Cyberforce relaunch. For DC Comics, he has written Ion, a 12-part comic book miniseries that followed the Kyle Rayner character after the One Year Later event, and Tales of the Sinistro Corps Presents: Parallax and Tales of the Sinestro Corps Presents: Ion, two one-shot tie-ins to the Green Lantern crossover, The Sinestro Corps War. Creator owned projects include Dragon Prince, published by Top Cow, and Samurai : Heaven and Earth, from Dark Horse.

During a comics career spanning just over four decades, Rick Leonardi’s many credits include The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, X-Men, and Daredevil for Marvel Entertainment since 1980, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Superman and Justice League for DC Comics since 1984 and Predator, Star Wars, Aliens and Hellboy for Dark Horse since 1991.

Leonardi’s work also includes a range of graphic novels, including Green Lantern vs Aliens, Darth Vader vs Darth Maul, General Grievous and Watson and Holmes: A Study in Black, which was nominated for the Eisner Award, Best New Series in 2014.

Andy Lanning should need no introduction to many older downthetubes readers, who will recall his early work as both writer and artist on many projects for Marvel UK, followed by many projects for DC Comics, including Resurrection Man and Legion of Super Heroes. His work over a 30 year career as both a writer and artist has involved creating stories, characters and storyworlds across many platforms: comics, books, magazines, TV and film.
After eight years at Magic Leap wearing, as he describes it, “a variety of hats”, he’s now Creative Director at QXR Studios, a new interactive studio setting out to create a fresh new cross-medium platform for augmented episodic entertainment.

Andrew Dalhouse is a comic book colourist who has given hues to almost every major character in the DC Comics universe, from Batman to Wonder Woman, whose credits also include colouring Faith, the groundbreaking series from Valiant Comics, Rick and Morty, and work on a range of independent comic projects, such as Tyler Kirkham’s Final Boss graphic novel, also currently seeking crowdfunding.

The team behind Resolution are using the US-based Zoop to raise funds for their project, a crowdfunding platform that allow supporters to purchase as many different items and as many copies as they want during the main campaign. With a cart system, just like you would make purchases on any other traditional e-commerce site, you are free to mix and match the items you wish to purchase all in one transaction.

There is no “after-campaign” campaign, where you have to go through another process to purchase more items, or to simply recieve what you’ve already ordered. As supporters themselves, the Zoop team have streamlined the entire process, and will be looking for even more ways to innovate and make the entire process even smoother.

Check out the Resolution crowdfunding campaign here

Follow Ron Marz on Twitter @ronmarz

Rick Leonardi is online at | Twitter

Follow Andy Lanning on Twitter @andylanning

Follow Andrew Dalhouse on Twitter @adalhouse

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