Eighth, Eleventh Doctors team up to battle alternate Rose Tyler in Titan Comics upcoming “Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf”

There’s no preview cover for the new crossover, so instead, enjoy this art by the brilliant Danny Cushion, created especially for downthetubes - thanks, Danny!
There’s no preview cover for the new crossover, so instead, enjoy this art by the brilliant Danny Cushion, created especially for downthetubes – thanks, Danny!

Details of the next Doctor Who comic series from Titan Comics – another two Doctors crossover by writer Jody Houser, with art by Roberta Ingranata – have been published online, as the sell in for the collected edition of the story, out next April.

In Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf, when searching for his next adventure, the Eighth Doctor meets a strange young woman from another universe… Rose Tyler. He has no idea of the destiny they share, but makes it his mission to discover what brought her here, and how to get her home.

Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor is summoned by a mysterious empress plagued with visions of another life. It’s Rose Tyler, but not the one he knows! Hailing from an alternate timeline and trapped here alone, she has become a liberator, conqueror, and now empress. And when she finds out she’s not the only Rose in this universe, something must be done…

All hail the Bad Wolf!

Doctor Who - Doctor 8, Rose Tyler and Doctor 11

Presumably not to be confused with the Eleventh Doctor project Empire of the Wolf, written by Neil Corry, the fourth Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny book released in 2010, while we don’t yet have an official launch date for the mini series, we gather it’s on course for sometime in November.

Eighth Doctor comic stories have previously been published in Radio Times and Doctor Who Magazine, and Titan published its own well-received five-part mini-series Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor – A Matter of Life and Death in 2015 and 2016, written by George Mann, with art by Emma Vieceli.

Jody Houser is the best-selling and critically acclaimed comics writer behind titles such as Faith, Mother Panic, Star Wars: Rogue One, Star Wars: Thrawn, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Supergirl, Orphan Black, James Bond: Moneypenny and The X-Files: Origins, to name but a few.

Roberta Ingranata is an Italian comic artist. Born in Milan in 1986, she worked for various Italian publishers before making the leap to US comics. In 2016, she began work on the highly acclaimed Witchblade series, and her most recent Doctor Who work appears in the recently-completed Missy series, out as a collection from Titan Comics in October.

But… Where’s Thirteen?

For those wondering at the absence of a Thirteenth Doctor series as the show ramps up to return to TV screens, a Captain Jack Harkness series was announced, but Bleeding Cool reported in June that all promotional information on it has been scrubbed.

Along with other Doctor Who licensors, it appears plans to feature Harkness in various productions were cancelled after allegations of inappropriate behaviour on the Doctor Who and Torchwood sets resurfaced.

• Look out for Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf in your local comic shops in November, scheduled for release as a collection on 3rd May 2022 | ISBN 978-1787736436 | Pre-order it here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

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