Crowdfunding Spotlight Round Up: Brigantia, Candles, Helga Frankenstein, Paragon and more

We’ve received a welter of information on some great comics projects seeking crowdfunding from a range of British comic creators (and others), and it’s near impossible to keep up! So rather than highlight one great looking book, we thought we’d spotlight several. Hold on to your hats!

The77 Kickstarter Promotional Banner

First, a quick last call for the latest Kickstarter for The77, the ongoing independent anthology comic, currently seeking backing for its sixth issue. If you haven’t already chosen a subscription option on previous funding campaigns, now is your chance. This is a smashing title that has really grown in the making, crammed with both new and established talent. The campaign closes later today, Saturday 10th July.

Paragon Issue 28 Teaser

Talking of anthologies, just launched by Davey Candlish is the latest Kickstarter for the long-running independent British anthology comic PARAGON, Issue 28 offering strips by Commando writer Jason Cobley, Dirk Van Dom, Greg Meldrum and a host of other talents. This is an all-action title, “a rip-snorting old-school action adventure anthology”, in Davey’s own words. Imagine a Valiant for the 21st Century, with a pinch of Warrior thrown in for good measure!

“If you are a comics fan and enjoy Brawler, The77, Blazer, Zarjaz, SENTINEL or SHIFT then I think you’ll enjoy this anthology as we share many of the same contributors,” Davey enthuses. “Pledge to buy a copy! Tell your friends!”The campaign closes in 21 days.

Helga Frankenstein and the Half-Moon Killer by John A. Short and Gabrielle Noble

Closing this weekend is John A. Short’s latest Kult Creations project, Helga Frankenstein: The Halfmoon Killer. This is a project, featuring art by Gabrielle Noble, that offers backers the opportunity to secure a monster poster print by David Hitchcock, the artist of Diabolica, as well as the 44-page comic. (The poster will only be available through Kickstarter).

Limited edition poster print of Helga Frankenstein by artist David Hitchcock
Limited edition poster print of Helga Frankenstein by artist David Hitchcock

This is a new exploit for Helga Frankenstein (the patchwork daughter of the infamous Victor Frankenstein!) and Sister Genevieve (vampire nun!) in the hidden European land of Golgithica, where ungodly creatures of every shape and kind, living in relative peace with mortal men!

A series of mysterious abductions and murders have beset a nearby town. They seem to have all the hallmarks of rogue werewolf attacks, but strangely don’t coincide with the full moon. Could a half-wolf-half-vampire be to blame? The villagers have called on a lupin bounty-hunter to slay the killer! The campaign ends on this weekend, Sunday (11th July 2021.

Candles, by Lyndon White, to be published by Cast Iron Books

Candles, by Lyndon White, to be published by Cast Iron Books and has hit its £8000 crowdfunding target on Kickstarter, a beautiful-looking 144-page fantasy epic about a young girl trying to save her dying village by stealing magic from an evil witch. Lyndon was recently interviewed about the project by the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast.

Candles is the latest title from Cast Iron Books, a new independent publisher of graphic novels and illustrated books based in the UK. It was founded in the summer of 2020 by Lizzie Kaye, formerly of SelfMadeHero, Titan Comics and Unbound. The campaign closes next week.

We’ve already highlighted the Catfood Comics Three Pack that reimagines the halcyon days of summer specials, a project that offers not one, not two but three sensational stories for a bargain price, bagged and protected from the pawing of other collector’s clammy mitts. But I’ve no qualms about mentioning this great crowdfunding project from Pete Taylor again!

Back in the day, the determined funny book fan spent weekends and Summer holidays searching the shelves of every newsagent for the fantastic thrill of discovering a full colour floppy bundle of joy that was a comic book. But occasionally, if you were lucky, you would hit the jackpot and find a sealed pack of childhood gold that was the comic pack. The project closes out next month and has already smashed its modest target.

Brigantia Collected Edition

Finally for this crowdfunding round up, Chris Mole is seeking backing for a collection of Brigantia issues #1-3, the acclaimed indie fantasy/pagan comic series, as a 128-page graphic novel.

It’s the story of a pagan goddess from ancient, pre-Roman Britain, thrust into the modern day. Dropped into modern London and cut off from the tribe that worshipped her, Brigantia must enlist the aid of new followers to defeat her nefarious brother Veteris, who has spent centuries feasting on the fear of Britain’s people and gathering his strength.

Brigantia was inspired by the local myths and folklore of England, ancient pagan religion and the desire to create a kind of “British Wonder Woman” – a warrior goddess who fights for those under her protection. To ensure authenticity, the creative team includes a pagan consultant, to make sure that our depictions of these divine characters are respectful. Check it out here – the campaign closes soon!

• If you’re running a crowdfunding campaign for your comics, do feel free to let us know about it. Initially, please drop us a line via this email address: (Replace the AT with @ when composing your mail). This enables us to forward items to the right people on the DTT team

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