Crowdfunding Spotlight: Shokwave 4 continues “Nosferatu” sequel horror tale!

The Kickstarter campaign for the latest issue of Shokwave, an anthology title from John A. Short, ends this Sunday, 3rd March 2024 – and you don’t want to miss out if you previously grabbed Diabolica by John and David Hitchcock.

Shokwave 4 by John A. Short, cover by David Hitchcock

Shokwave Volume Four features Nosferatu II from the same creators, and it looks pretty incredible from the teaser images we’ve been sent. Each issue features ten new story pages of the strip, so that adds up to 40 pages so far available to catch-up with! (along with the other kick-ass strips in each issue of Shokwave).

A unique anthology comic, Shokwave offers a quartet of ten page stories each issue written by British National Comic Awards’ winning writer John A. Short, drawn by some of the most talented artists in British comics.

You can still join the party, as the Kickstarter offers multiple ways to grab all the issues so far – including the super-cheap digital option allowing you to bag PDF copies of 1 – 4.

Nosferatu II continues a sequel to the 1922’s cult silent horror classic. Trapped on a ship crossing the Atlantic with the immortal remains of the dead vampire… The cult of Orlok works to resurrect the count. This time featuring a two hundred year old talking zombie rat and spontaneous human combustion! Art by Dark Horse artist David Hitchcock.

Shokwave 4 - Nosferatu II by John A. Short, art by David Hitchcock
Shokwave 4 - Nosferatu II by John A. Short, art by David Hitchcock
Shokwave 4 - Nosferatu II by John A. Short, art by David Hitchcock
Shokwave 4 - Nosferatu II by John A. Short, art by David Hitchcock


The Clock Strikes! Another adventure for the golden-age mystery man. A gun for hire aims to kill another assassin. A hit gone wrong in the ice and snow of a New York winter in 1937. Featuring the return of femme fatal assassin Scarlet Hunter! Art by Longpig artist Adam Jakes, in cool black and white.

Anna Key is back for more alien chaos! Sheriff Key has a new deputy to break in, but will there be time for proper training when there’s a scheme of mass kidnapping unfolding in Rox City? Anna and Norm find themselves vacuum-packed in the latest self-contained adventure. Full colour art by Switchblade Stories artist Chris Askham.

Resistors is an everyday tale of sex robots, fifty years in the future. We delve back into the pasts of human droid mechanic, Kew, and lead warrior for the rebellion, Jez. How did he get involved in the bots struggle? And what was her life like before she rebelled? Full colour art by Fantagraphics artist Richard Pester. 

Check out Shokwave Volume Four here on Kickstarter

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