Crowdfunding Spotlight: Steven Ingram’s “Left” on Kickstarter

Artist and writer Steven Ingram has been making comics for over 10 years and since 2013 he has been self publishing Left which tells the story of Sam, a girl who is trying to keep away from a cult she was a member of in the past.

Sam was born into The Community, but managed to escape when in her late teens. Now they have tracked her down and are coming to try and reabsorb her into the fold. The story is a tense, emotional tale following Sam as she tries to keep one step ahead of the pseudo-scientific cult she was formerly a member of while also coming to terms with why she left in the first place and the reasons she would never want to re-join.

Steve is a familiar face at central Scotland comic conventions, as well as at Thought Bubble, where he has been selling both Left and his other self published work including the graphic novel The Standing Stones and the short story collection The Saddest Whale and Other Stories. His work can also be seen in the anthologies Video Games For Good and Meanwhile.

Steven is crowdfunding the collected edition of Left through Kickstarter with a new colour cover and the original black and white interior artwork now with added greyscale. Kickstarter options for the title, as well as PDF and physical copies of the 240 page book, include sketches, prints, original Left artwork and the first issue of his new short story title MurMur.

His Kickstarter target is £1200 by 8 February 2018 for expected delivery in March and Left Collected Edition is already over three quarters of the way to that figure. We here at downthetubes wish Steven well.

UPDATE: Steven didn’t just reach his Kickstarter target of £1200 for Left but also reached his stretch target of £1500, by raising a total of £1507 from 86 backers.

There are more details of the collected edition of Left at the Left Kickstarter page.

There are more details of all Steven Ingram’s work at his Blurred Lines Comics website.

Steven will be selling his titles at the Dunfermline Comic Con on Saturday 3 March 2018 and the Edinburgh Comic Con over the weekend of 14-15 April 2018.

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