Crowdfunding Spotlight: TechnoFreak, the Graphic Novel

TechnoFreak, the Graphic Novel - Cover

Australian publisher Puppet Theatre have just launched a Kickstarter to publish the first four issues of British comic creator John Charles indie SF comic hit, TechnoFreak, as a collection, introduced by author Mike Carey.

Welcome to the future. It’s bleak, it’s unique… it’s TechnoFreak!

London 3026, the grimmest of futures. Cybernetic implants have altered Jon Sherlok’s consciousness and gifted him with the ability to hack into any electronic systems, but at a cost; he can feel the edges of his humanity collapsing. TechnoFreak is a combination of the best sci-fi and film noir.

TechnoFreak Characters

TechnoFreak, along with his talking robot cat, Maurice, bring you adventures that read like Blade Runner on acid, full of outrageous humour. Things will never be the same again!

If you missed out on these funny, thrill-packed adventures first published by Sunday Lunch Comics, which has also been published in the US by American Mythology Productions, previously, this is a great way to catch up. The book, produced by Australian publisher Puppet Theatre, collects issue 1-4, plus bonus short stories, totalling to 174 pages and the target is modest – just over £1100 – and almost achieved.

The campaign offers backers a variety of rewards, including posters by Lyndon Webb and Tom Newell. And If you want something truly unique you can alsoget a personal and hand drawn commission by TechnoFreak creator, John Charles. These are very limited and will be drawn on A4. 

TechnoFreak poster art by Tom Newell - a Kickstarter incentive
TechnoFreak poster art by Tom Newell – a Kickstarter incentive

John Charles, recently interviewed here for SHIFT magazine about his comics career, is a professional comic book artist and colourist. He’s  been a graphic designer for Trident Comics, drawn/digitally painted covers  and illustrated some Future Shocks for 2000AD, provided cover art for  Antarctic Press and IDW in the United States, and coloured Spectacular Spider-Man and a variety of other strips for Panini UK’s Marvel Heroes comic. He also co-wrote a three-part story for them, co-starring Spider-Man and the X-Men. 

“TechnoFreak sold thousands of copies as single issue comics across the UK,” says John. “This is the first time it’s been collected in one single, mind-bending book. Plug yourself into the TechnoFreak universe and experience the wild ride with John Sherlok and his motley crew.”

Technofreak #2 Page One

Barry May has written some things over the years, including the  aforementioned Spider-Man / X-Men team-up (Spectacular Spider-Man #134 – 136) with John. He also worked with John to create two self-published books, Tiger J. Jackson and The School for Weird Kids, and Kiri, the  Fairy Barmaid

Tom Newell hails from Birmingham and is currently attending a cartoon and comic art degree course at  Staffordshire University. Sunday Lunch Comics are expecting even greater things from Tom in the future. He’s one to watch!

Nikki Foxrobot has over ten years’ experience of lettering and logo creation, including work for Dark Horse Comics, The Black Library/ Games Workshop, and BSkyB. 

Australian publisher Puppet Theatre is run by comic and games writer Thomas David Cowling, who was narrative designer for Stardust Origins and Whispers From Tallwoods. He’s the creator and writer of comics such as The Loop, Above Ground, and Minders, and the writer for Bahait from Mad Cloud Comics. Editor In Chief at Puppet Theatre, he’s also creator and writer of various Dnd campaigns such as Six Doors but Seven Keys and Water Is Deadly In a Desert.

• Featuring multiple bonus back-up stories and an introduction written by comics legend, Mike Carey, head over to Kickstarter to support this collection featuring over 170 pages of TechnoFreak madness

• Follow the TechnoFreak project on Twitter @TechnofreakMag | Find TechnoFreak on Facebook

Puppet Theatre is online at

Check out Sunday Lunch Comics on Facebook | YouTube

Read the John Charles interview here for SHIFT magazine about his comics career | Follow John on Twitter

• Find Tom Newell on Instagram – thomas.newell.357

• Nikki Foxrobot is online at | Follow her on Twitter @nikkifoxrobot

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  1. Such an excellent comic. Probably my favourite. Well written and drawn. Go and back it. I have.

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