Crowdfunding Spotlight: “The Hammer” by Simon and Kieran Squires

The Hammer by Simon and Kieran Squires and Charlie HoggComic creator Kieran Squires gave downthetubes a heads up on his new project, The Hammer – an action-packed slams fantasy tale, reinventing Norse mythology with a savagely British sense of adventure and humour. The modest Kickstarter has just gone live and is worth checking out.

The Hammer is a four part mini-series tracing the story of John Osmond as he battles his way through occult Nazis, gangsters and a world turned upside by a chance encounter with one of mythology’s most powerful weapons: The Hammer of Thor!

The Hammer by Simon and Kieran Squires and Charlie Hogg

Writer Simon Squires and artists Kieran Squires and Charlie Hogg have been working tirelessly to weave together a tale of faltering human nature, godly arrogance and mythological majesty into a grand adventure that we’ve had a sneak peek of. It’s a fast-paced odyssey of a tale, crammed with some great twists and action, set in a lot recognisable locations.

If you’re thinking there’s a certain US comics company has already been playing with Norse mythology for quite a while (and there have been other interpretations too), then you’ll be pleased to hear The Hammer aims to move away  from the stereotypes, all the while maintaining the mythos and characteristics that make this such a fantastic setting to base stories on.

The Hammer is ready to print - it's just waiting for backers

The Hammer is ready to print – it’s just waiting for backers

Often working with Simon as The Iceburg Brothers, Kieran Squires many credits include strips for Futurequake and Rebound, and he’s both writer and artist on The Shadows of Vicenti.

Artist and colourist Charlie Hogg‘s credits include The Accelerators (for BlueJuice Comics), The Badger (Devil’s Due/ 1First Comics), Bubbles O’Seven (Bounce Comics), Torsobear (Source Point Press) and 100% Biodegradable (Biomekazoik Press) – and many more.

“Our aim with this campaign is to enable us to produce a print version of the entire story gathered together in one graphic novel,” says Simon. “The individual parts will be released as digital editions through popular formats, such as Comixology and Comichaus, but like most people we find there is something special about the touch and feel of a book or graphic novel.

“With this in mind, we are looking to combine not only the collected story into one graphic novel, but to also include some extra pages to show backers, the detail and work that has gone into producing The Hammer. With this little insight (more, if stretch goals are achieved) we hope that maybe we can inspire others to write down or draw that story we all have in our heads in the same way that those who came before us did the same for us.”

The Hammer is a finished project, just looking to be printed. If you’re a fan of Norse myth, Arthurian legend, Hellboy, perhaps even Martin Eden’s O-Men, then it’s worth a look.

Already hitting target within hours of launch, rewards have been kept to a minimum, as the main goal is to get the book printed, but you can still get some cool artwork as part of your deal as well as an awesome print of the most famous hammerers together at last.

“The book is all set up and ready to go to the printers Mixam (aside from the backers’ page),” says Simon, “so all we are waiting on is your good will to get this book printed and out to you the awesome backers!”

Check out The Hammer here on Kickstarter

Head over to The Iceburg Brothers web site for information on The Hammer and other projects such as the Rebound anthology

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