Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Last Confession, a short film written by Kev Hopgood

The Last Confession

A scene from the short film “The Last Confession”

The Last Confession, currently seeking crowdfunding on Greenlit, is a new short, from writer and comic artist Kevin Hopgood and director Dustin Curtis Murphy. Described as a genuinely shocking and frightening tale, it pushes genre and convention to pull the audience in, and take them somewhere dark and completely unexpected.

Franz – an old, dying man, and former Nazi (played by Paul Bassett Davies), calls a priest (Adam Wittek) to his bedside for his last confession. But Father Kramer finds him chillingly unafraid and unrepentant. The story Franz tells, and what happens next, will go beyond the darkest imaginings of his confessor…

The Last Confession from Greenlit on Vimeo.

Taking atmosphere and visual cues from great contemporary horror films such as The Ring and Let The Right One In, this is a short film that will haunt the memory, whose cast also includes Rose Muirhead and Ray Calleja.

The first section of filming The Last Confession has been completed, but now the team are now seeking to raise £3,000 – the balance of the budget, to shoot some essential period flashback scenes, which of course require support.

“Costume, makeup, props and location are all critical to the story, and there’s real narrative value in having these done properly,” says director Dustin Curtis Murphy.

Backers of the film donating either £100 or £250 to the project will gain either a black and white or colour sketch of any character of your choice by Kev Hopgood.

Comic Artist Kev Hopgood, writer of "The Last Confession"

Comic Artist Kev Hopgood, writer of “The Last Confession”

By day, Kev Hopgood is freelance illustrator and comic book artist, his best known comics, probably, his his three-year stint drawing Iron Man for Marvel Comics. During his time on the book he designed the War Machine and Hulkbuster characters that have since made appearances in several Marvel Studios movies. He’s been writing seriously for the past three years. To date, he’s written five features, two stage plays, a sitcom pilot and a number of comedy shorts, some of which have been performed as part of shows put on by Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle, the Canal Cafe Theatre and Aeronaut in London, and the Churchill in Bromley. The Last Confession will be his fifth film.

Dustin Curtis Murphy is an award-winning writer/director with over two decades of experience in the film industry. Originally from Los Angeles, he now reside in London. His background includes several micro-budget short films which focus on sociopolitical issues including. the award-winning Nora and Avery Road, both films – and the his festival hit, Without Regret – available on Amazon Prime, combining the issues of women’s rights and gun violence to focus on the polarisation of American values and its impact on society.

“Importantly, while this has been a labour of love for our cast and crew, we’d also like to make at least a token payment for any subsequent work they do on The Last Confession,” says Dustin. “These are all talented, professional people, so if you like the look of their work, and want to see what they’ve done on the completed film, then please help!

“We also need to allocate a small sum to post-production, delivery and a festival run. We believe The Last Confession is, despite its short running time, a genuinely cinematic experience.

“We hope you’ll get the chance to see it at its best, so your support will also go towards final grading, mixing and music.

“We’d love for you to come on the journey of making this distinctive and deeply unsettling short, so by making a pledge you can see exclusive content and follow the production behind the scenes,” he continues. “Kev is also a celebrated Marvel comic book artist, so our backers also have the unique opportunity to own some incredible, personalised artwork.

“If you really want to get involved then the chance exists to become a producer, please contact us if you want to find out more!”

Find out more and support “The Last Confession” on Greenlit


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