Crowdfunding Spotlight: The New Amazons: Origin A-Go-Go

The New Amazons: Origin A-Go-Go is a cheeky collection the creators of Helga Frankenstein and Savage! Jungle Princess. This super-Amazon collection features over 40 pages of brand new, never before published comic strips and illustrations, featuring the world’s greatest superheroes – The New Amazons.

The New Amazons: Origin A-Go-Go

Offering six heroines, six secret origins, The New Amazons by John A. Short and Gabrielle Noble, published by Kult Kreations, also includes an appearance by legendary, underground, Russian, public domain, super vixen – Octobriana – alongside America’s Liberty, Britain’s Britannia, Finland’s Arctic, South Africa’s Zulu and France’s Parisian!

The New Amazons: Origin A-Go-Go
A sample comic strip page from Origin-ago-go! Art by Gabby Noble

This 20-page full-color comic features all six warrior women in the adventure Prison Riot, in which Octobriana goes toe-to-toe against Vladimir Putin.

The New Amazons: Origin A-Go-Go - Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Cover
Gabrielle Noble’s retro alternative Kickstarter cover
The New Amazons: Origin A-Go-Go
The cover of The New Amazons Preview Special – get it as a reward

Rewards include a Kickstarter-exclusive cover and an opportunity to get a signed and numbered copy of John A. Short’s book about the history of cult comix character Octobriana, which reveals the background to the original 1971 book that introduced the world to the Spirit of the October Revolution.

Reviewed on downthetubes here by Tony Esmond, the book traces the many uses of the character from the proposed David Bowie movie in the seventies through The Adventures of Luther Arkwright up to 2015 when the book was published and includes a 40-page, full-colour Octobriana comic strip by Short & Noble featuring New Amazon Liberty and super-villains Putin and Kim Jong Un…

Kult Kreations - The New Amazons and Octobriana

John A. Short is the award-winning writer of comics and more. Recent credits include writer/creator behind Diabolica and Reverend Cross, published thanks to successful Kickstarter campaigns). He’s scripted everything from children’s humour comics for Egmont Publications like “Robin Hoodie” and “Rex!” for TOXIC, through to underground comics like Rip Off Comix in the United States and Octobriana in the UK.

Gabrielle Noble is a British comics artist, but has produced strips for the US and Europe as well as the UK. She has drawn erotic strips for many Eros Comics anthologies and had strips published in America’s Hustler Humor magazine and drew “Brit Starr” in Britain’s Men Only magazine for two years. Her “Spliffy: The Stoner Chick” strips in Soft Secrets were translated into French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Polish and read by around 100,000 people across the continent. She also drew episodes of Hunt Emerson’s on-line comic strip Ardnox High.

She drew the four-issue comic series Savage! Jungle Princess for Kult Creations/Gabbys’ Comics back in 2012, followed up in 2013 with the all-female super-team comic The New Amazons featuring cult comics character, Octobriana. Her credits also include comic strip “Ms. Fortune” in Mayfair magazine, also written by John A. Short.

Check out The New Amazons here in Kickstarter

• Kult Kreations are online here

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