New Zarjaz features work by Simon Fraser, Kev Hopgood and many more

Wrapped in a cover by Simon Fraser, 2000AD-inspired comic zine Zarjaz Issue 37 is on sale now, an issue of the not-for-profit title from FutureQuake Press that sees both Lulu Romanov and Judge Storm make their debut.

This issue also includes “Judge Dredd – Great Escapes”, written by Judge Dredd Megazine and Marvel Comics artist Kev Hopgood, drawn and lettered by Shaman Kane creator David Broughton, a Classic Dredd tale echoing his early days.

Plus, we have “Judge Dredd – Monsters” by writer Michael Crouch with art by Jim Lavery;Lulu Romanov – Iron And The Maiden” by writer Santiago Mayaud, art by David Thomson; “Robo-Hunter – Game For A Bath” by writer David Fenn, art by Gail Nedry; “Slaine – Beginnings” by writer Alan Holloway, art by Ed Doyle; “Storm Warning – The Sentinels” by writer Charles Murphy, art by Daniel Reed; “Tales of Mega-City One – Alien Town” by writer and artist Scott Twells; “Tales of Mega-City One – Children of the Apocalypse” by writer artist Robomonkey147; and “Tales of Mega-City One – He Is The Law” by writer Alan Holloway, with art by John Cahill.

Look out for more in this new issue here soon from Richard Sheaf.

Unless otherwise stated, all strips are lettered by Bolt-01.

Zarjaz 37 is available now from – price £3.00

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