Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Penned Guin Treasury Edition on Kickstarter

Wonderlands 16 I Alan Henderson
Writer/artist Alan Henderson has been producing his newspaper style, three panel, humour strip The Penned Guin since early 2013. The characters are all, unsurprisingly, penguins and the humour, by Alan’s own admission, consists of “terrible puns and Dad jokes that really make you groan.”

Penned Guin Tom Jones - by Alan Henderson
Alan has become a familiar face at conventions in Scotland and the north of England with his strips collected in softcover, landscape format, booklets of which he has published five to date: Melting Pot, Out And About, Cold Feet, Flying Lessons and We Waddlers. In addition he has a further booklet that expands the format into a US Sunday style entitled The Sunday Postings and a selection of movie poster style cards such as “Top Guin” and “The Waddling Dead.” Many of these are still available from The Penned Guin e-shop.

Penned Guins 4 Panels
As the older books have sold out Alan has now decided to reprint them, not in their original format but as one large compilation entitled The Penned Guins Treasury Edition that features the 500 strips that were originally featured in the first four booklets in a new A4, 150+ page B&W book. To do this he has enlisted Kickstarter to crowdfund the new edition.

Penned Guins One
Now while it could be said that January isn’t perhaps the best month to ask people for money for crowd funding, Alan has already not just reached but smashed his original target and is now coming up on double it. Due to the way Kickstarter works that means that the book is going to happen and is effectively giving readers a quick and cheap way of getting a big batch of penguin jokes. Additional Kickstarter rewards include the chance to get the original artwork of a Penned Guins strip, which has proved very popular, or to even commission your own strip.

The Penned Guins Treasury Edition Kickstarter runs until Sunday 5 February 2017 with delivery scheduled for April 2017.

  • There are more details of the Penned Guins Treasury Edition on Kickstarter
  • There are more details of The Penned Guins on the series website
  • UPDATE 5 February 2017: The Penned Guins Treasury Edition was funded with £1014 pledged against the original target of £400.

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