Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Spark, a new all-ages anthology

The Spark #1 - cover by Nick BrokenshireThe Spark is a new comics magazine for kids and adults alike, already gaining huge support on Kickstarter after only a couple of days.

To be published by the brilliant Fair Spark Books, you’ll read about Monsters, Space Adventures, Alien Planets and an odd Robot Butler named Springworth.

It’s a project that will also benefit kids in long-term hospital care by supplying them with comic making kits to keep them from getting bored, and the aim is to deliver an ongoing magazine sized anthology comic for kids, with a host of great talent involved.

The Spark #1 - Kickstarter Promotion

Springworth likes Nick Brokenshire’s cover for The Spark #1 – and so do I!

Robot butler Springworth will guide you through stories about the  dangers of outer space, monster filled alien planets, battles with alien races and a whole lot more!

In the grand tradition of British comics this series will have stories and characters that young readers will love and ‘older’ kids will latch onto.

“We also don’t pander, these stories will feature real tension and excitement along with big dollops of humour and some gorgeous art,” say the team.

Issue 1 features work by Nick Brokenshire, who took a break from his work on the Star Wars Adventures series for IDW Comics and has created a truly amazing cover.

The interiors will be a mixture of ongoing five page strips and one-offs strips, including…

"Shadows", written by Aaron Rackley, with pitch perfect art by Dan Harris

“Shadows”, written by Aaron Rackley, with pitch perfect art by Dan Harris

Explore strange worlds with “Shadows” written by Aaron Rackley (Little Heroes Anthology) with pitch perfect art by Dan Harris (The Cosplayer that DOOMED the Earth).

Spark #1 - Gallant and Amos

Gallant and Amos

There’ll also be an extra helping of those barbarian fools “Gallant and Amos“, a Warrior and his Dragon pal who would have trouble running a bath are back! Rob Barnes supplies all the hi-jinks you’ll need with these two bumbling idiots, who some of you may already be enjoying in their own book, also published by Fair Spark Books.

Spark #1 - John Baton - The Final Stand

John Baton – The Final Stand

There’s exciting space adventure with “John Baton – The Final Stand“, written by Aaron Rackley with art by Mike Dabrowski (Little Toe), where you’ll see in this order, a chase, a battle and a rather big explosion!

Spark #1 - Monster Spotter’s Club

Monster Spotter’s Club

Monster Spotters Club“, written by Tony Esmond (How to make comics with Springworth) and art by Vince Hunt (The Red Mask From Mars), follows the adventures of two kids and their accident prone teacher as they wander crazy alien world ticking off encounters with monsters as they happen.

Spark #1 - Garry and Larry by Marc Jackson

Marc Jackson has a strip in this new comic, too – “Garry and Larry“.

And there’s much much fun with quizzes and facts… not bad for only £3.50 an issue!

Whether you are ages 8 to 68, like the team who put this fantastic-looking anthology together, I think you are going to find something fun and exciting about this new series.

I’m definitely on board with their aim to make The Spark an ideal title for parents to read along with their kids, or to pass into the back seat when you’re on that long and boring road trip. Like The Phoenix, which is celebrating over 400 issues, we need more “entry point” type publications like this to encourage comics reading.

Fair Spark Books are a kids comics publisher who work alongside the Little Heroes Charity to supply comic making kits to kids in hospital suffering serious illnesses and undergoing long-term treatment. By pledging to this you’ll be helping out these children.

Check out the Kickstarter for The Spark hereThe Spark Masthead

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