Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tiny in the Tower RPG

Rebellion Unplugged is ramping up promotion for the return of its Adventure Presents game series, set to return next month with Tiny in the Tower, a cosy fantasy roleplaying game written by Rose Whittaker, illustrated by JJ Ariosa, which really caught my eye.

Heading to Kickstarter in November, this enchanting stand-alone adventure sees a band of small-time heroes travel to a magical tower in search of a missing wizard, only to find themselves faced with a much bigger job than they expected.

“I’m the editor on this,” enthuses Rebellion’s new RPG editor, Filip Falk Hartelius, who’s joined the company from Osprey Games, “and let me tell you that everything about it – from the slick format, the joyful art by JJ, and the charming adventure by Rose Whittaker, is an absolute delight.”

“Tiny in the Tower is a charming second entry to the Adventure Presents series,” he notes in an item on the Rebellion Unplugged web site, “where Rose Whittaker’s delightful story of pint-sized heroes saving the day is lovingly brought to life by JJ Ariosa’s illustrations, and is a real testament to the strength of the system.”

“Between its engaging plot, its inviting artwork, and the simplicity of the Adventure RPG system, there is an immediacy to Tiny in the Tower that allows you to jump straight into the world and the action in this accessible fantasy game.”

The game keeps the same format as Tartarus Gate, released last year, by Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor, featuring art by 2000AD’s Pye Parr, presented as a pull-apart magazine that contains everything you need to run the three-session adventure. All you need to add are three six-sided dice and some pencils and you’re good to go!

“For GMs, you have all the resources you need for an exciting mini-campaign with minimal preparation, while still leaving plenty of room for improvising and adapting to the players’ actions,” says Filip.

“For players, you are ready to start the game almost as soon as you sit down at the table, with a ruleset you’ll learn in minutes and compelling (and illustrated!) characters to choose from.”

Rose Whittaker is a UK- based game designer who creates adventures, makes cute tabletop accessories and produces handy game master tools. Alongside writing tabletop adventures, she is an illustrator, graphic designer and avid DnD player, and offers a Patreon with rpgtoons producing long-form campaigns and GM tools.

Based in New York, ever since saving up her allowance money in the 1990s for a Battletech technical readout book (because, cool giant robots) JJ Ariosa has been a huge tabletop nerd. Combining a love of visual art into a career as an illustrator, she’s gotten to spend the last 15 years helping craft characters, stories, and worlds to spark the imaginations of like minds. Not to mention, drawing a few cool giant robots along the way…

Sign up to the Kickstarter pre-launch page for Tiny in the Tower here

Rebellion Unplugged – Tiny in the Tower

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