Crowdfunding Spotlight: Who Watches “The… Bojeffries?” (No, it’s not a TV show…)

What could possibly persuade you to back a comics collection project in another language?

Maybe that it’s a project from the Komics Initiative, intended to publish a collection of the brilliant The Bojeffries Saga by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse in French… or simply to lay your hands on this superb, Watchmen-inspired variant cover by Lefeuvre Laurent, limited to subscribers on the Ulule crowdfunding site?

The Bojeffries Saga - Variant French Collection Cover by Lefeuvre Laurent

For those who may somehow be unaware, The Bojeffries Saga is, as comics provocateur Paul Gravett describes it, “Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse’s unforgotten and unforgettable comedy of classic horror characters, a bit like The Addams Family, except living on an English housing estate.”

The Bojeffries Saga - French Collection Cover
The Bojeffries Saga - French Collection Extras

First serialised in Warrior the strip was more recently re-issued in English with extra material by Top Shelf Productions / Knockabout Comics.

The Ulule crowdfunding project is also seeking to gain funding to publish a French edition of Brian Bolland’s STRIPS collection, and you’ll be pleased to here it has achieved its €10,000 target.

in addition to regular and variant covers, both of these collections are also being offered in sumptuous “Mavericks“ editions, which look utterly amazing, limited to just 65 copies – featuring a full canvas cover, hot stamping, with a numbered certificate.

The Bojeffries Saga - French Collection Mavericks Edition
The Bojeffries Saga – French Collection Mavericks Edition

The Komics Initiative has published a number of English language strips in French, including Jack Kirby and Wally Woods Sky Masters of Tomorrow.

A pioneer in crowdfunding Ulule has been supporting creators since 2010. Its mission: to give everyone the power to act for a more diverse, more sustainable, more open world.

Check out the crowdfunder for The Bojeffries Saga in French here

The Bojeffries Saga - Variant French Collection Cover by Lefeuvre Laurent - Work in Progress

Lefeuvre Laurent outlines his process vresting his variant cover, in French, here

The Bojeffries Saga – Cover

Buy The Bojeffries Saga Top Shelf Productions / Knockabout Comics collection (AmazonUK Affiliate Link)

Jobremus Bojeffries is like any other father – trying to keep the peace in a house stuffed with two kids, uncles Raoul and Festus, a baby and old Grandpa Podlasp. Never mind that one’s a werewolf, one’s a vampire, Grandpa is in the last stages of organic matter and the baby puts off enough thermonuclear energy to power England and Wales.

All right, they’re no ordinary family. And this is no ordinary book, with stories spanning decades, a whole chapter written as light opera, a Christmas episode and an all-new 24-page comic bringing the Bojeffries up to the present day.

With thanks to Paul Gravett for the heads up

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