Crucible Comic #1 available for Kindle, work in progress on #2

Crucible Comic #1

We’re pleased to announce that the first issue of a US-comic styled, digital edition of our Crucible comic is now also available for Kindle and in PDF format from Scribd.

Work is progressing steadily on Issue 2, with Jim Campbell at work on lettering the strip pages. The issue will include one of the text stories written by Smuzz, and other extras.


Crucible: The Quest - Part 4, Page 1 - Inks

Crucible: The Quest – Part 4, Page 1 – Inks


We’re hoping to publish four issues of Crucible a year – but this is very much dependent on sales. We have no plans to publish a print edition, as the strip is featuring in STRIP: The Adventure Comic Magazine, which should re-start in mid-2014.

Crucible, the co-creation of John Freeman and Smuzz, is a science fiction adventure set in world where the many workless are assigned ‘Tasks’ to earn money In the first story the Temple of Orlyth hires a rag tag gang – a thief, a mage and two mis-matched warriors – to retrieve a sacred artefact in an abandoned mine. But others are also after their prize and they soon confirm what the adventurers suspected – most Tasks are deadly!

Buy Crucible Comic #1 for Kindle from

Crucible Comic #1 is also available on Scribd

Buy Crucible Comic #1 for Kindle from

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