Crucible: The Quest Episode 34

For those who came in late (new readers start here!): deep below the surface of Shaarn, our adventurers confront a terror of legend that has already killed… and threatens to do so again in its own quest! By John Freeman & Smuzz, lettered by Jim Campbell

Crucible is an ongoing creator-owned strip which started in STRIP: The Adventures Comics Magazine, created by myself and 2000AD artist Smuzz (perhaps best known for his work on ABC Warriors). Until recently I had a separate site for the project but I’m hoping running episodes here will raise the profile of the strip (and, please, do leave feedback!)

We’re hoping we can attract a print publisher. At this stage this first story is at the half way point and the aim is to continue it on Tapastic for now, and look at over avenues. Thanks for reading.

There’s some background on the project here on downthetubes

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