Crowdfunding Spotlight: BREAKS 2: Special Edition – Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden

BREAKS 2: Special Edition - Emma Vieceli & Malin RydenEmma Vieceli and Malin Ryden have launched a Kickstarter to fund the creation of BREAKS 2: Special Edition, bringing a their young adult drama, LGBTQ and romance story to print.

In BREAKS – a book recommended for ages 16 plus, available online and the first volume available in print from Soaring Penguin Press – two young men discovering who they were, who they are… and who they’re going to be. Mistakes of the past meet ambitions for the future in a school-ground battlefield of ego, consequence and toxic masculinity.

As a chain of events years in the making is slowly revealed and reckoned with, will what Cortland Hunt and Ian Tanner find in each other be enough to help them through the storm to come?

Arc two finds the boys getting used to their newly-found closeness, but – while they may not have a bully, Spencer, on their backs any more – there are still a few steps to take if they want to make a relationship work. Families, friends, girlfriends and the past are all going to present challenges they’ll need to overcome together.

BREAKS 2: Special Edition - Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden

BREAKS 2: Special Edition - Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden

BREAKS 2: Special Edition - Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden

Some sample pages from BREAKS 2: Special Edition by Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden

“Arc two starts a new status quo in Ian and Cortland’s world after the events of arc one,” says Emma Vieceli, who you should recognise from her work on comics like Life is Strange, Jem & the Holograms, Supergirl, Doctor Who, Alex Rider, Vampire Academy and more.

“Comics are my job and my hobby… I like them a lot,” Emma continues. “Superheroes, vampires, dragons or spies – all great. However, I’m especially a fan of the sort of slow-burn, real-world, YA, character-heavy, consequence-laden read that I have long felt under-represented on my comic shelves.

“And that’s where BREAKS comes in!

Emma Vieceli and the stars of BREAKS

Emma Vieceli and the stars of BREAKS

“Malin Ryden and I co-wrote a YA drama/romance/LGBTQ+ story that we decided would make a comic that filled that part of our shelves,” Emma continues. “We like the story so much, in fact, that we have been making it and giving it away for free for six years now!

“We’re already one volume into print, but we felt that the release of book two was time to pull out a special edition via Kickstarter.

“This is about more than funding print and postage for the second book,” she emphasises. “I’ve asked for a base amount that just covers those costs. However, BREAKS is a comic we make for free and have done for six years so far. If we’re able to exceed that asked-for amount and hit profit, then I may get some vital funds towards the creative process of volume three.”

BREAKS 2: Special Edition - Emma Vieceli & Malin RydenThis Special Edition, offered with a great range of perks, will not only contain arc two in full (a glorious 160 pages of comic), but also bonus features and extra content that will be exclusive to this release. This special content will not be in the standard, paperback release.

“We get to thank you with this special edition,” Emma enthuses, “and you get to thank us by supporting us directly. It’s a win-win!”

Check out the BREAKS 2: Special Edition – Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden here on Kickstarter

Read the BREAKS story so far online Tapas – or buy the print edition published by Soaring Penguin Press

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