Dan Abnett writing new Teen Titans “Convergence” follow up title

A promotional image for Titans Hunt, written by Dan Abnett

A promotional image for Titans Hunt, written by Dan Abnett

US publisher DC Comics has announced three new comics spinning out of their ‘Convergence’ event this summer – and one, Titans Hunt, is written by Dan Abnett, with art by Paulo Siqueira.

“Sometimes you’re working on something exciting you can’t talk about,” Dan noted in a public post on Facebook, who is also working on a  new 2000AD story , “Brink” with INJ Culbard. “I have a few of those at the moment. After Dan Didio’s announcement at SDCC last week, I can now admit to one of them.”

CONVERGENCE is over, but the ripples are still being felt, especially by a young precog named Lilith. What are these visions she’s having of a Teen Titans team the world never knew? And why does she feel compelled to seek out Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, Donna Troy and an Atlantean named Garth and warn them that something dark and sinister is coming after them? Who are Mal, Gnarrk, Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, and what is their connection to the others—and to the fate of every soul on Earth? This is the Secret History of the TEEN TITANS…

Also announced are Superman: Lois and Clark, written by Dan Jurgens with art by Lee Weeks and Telos, featuring the Convergence villain, written by Jeff King | with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Jason Paz.

• Titans Hunt wil hit comic stores on 21st October 2015 | Visit Dan’s official blog at http://theprimaryclone.blogspot.co.uk or follow him on Twitter @vincentabnett

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