“Death Duty”, first WarWorldz story, gets thumbs up from “A Place to Hang Your Cape”

Biodegradable Issue 7 - Cover

We’ve had a pleasant start to the new year with a rather marvellous review of both Issues 6 and 7 of 100% Biodegradable from Patrick Smith over at A Place to Hang Your Cape.

100% Biodegradable #7 features the launch of a fresh serialisation, Death Duty, from John Freeman (Doctor Who Magazine, Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible Comic) and Alan Burrows (2000AD, Starblazer, Commando), with letters by Ken Reynolds,” Patrick writes.We’re introduced to the crew of the warship, Kill Me Softly, hired hands that launch a raid on a peaceful planet. The motive is business and Freeman‘s dialogue reinforces the cold, unsentimental logic of this cruel universe and the people within it. Burrows‘ textured visuals, illustrate the violent extremes of these space-pirates with appropriate abundance. The mystery behind the central character, Rourke, is likely to have you hungry for the next instalment.”

Hopefully Patrick will still enjoy the story when Brett Burbridge takes up the reins for the rest of the story (and has also drawn his own version of the episode for a collected edition).

100% Biodegradable, the bi-monthly digital Sci-Fi Comic Anthology is available from ComicsyDrivethrustuff and 

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