Derek the Sheep Unleashed!

Drek the Sheep collectionGary Northfield’s popular Beano (and first creator owned) strip Derek the Sheep is out this week as a fab 64-page hardback from publishers Bloomsbury.

A day in the life of Derek the Sheep is no forage in the field. Oh no. It’s flippin’ hard work, what with all those other pesky animals on the farm! Wherever Derek might be or whatever he might be up to, you can be sure there’s something for him to get his wool in a twist about.

But the cantankerous Derek is also not one to miss an opportunity – especially if it means more juicy grass – and this collection features the first thirteen of Derek’s most heroically daft adventures, that appeared in the Beano from February 2004 onwards.

Norbert le Mouton aka Derek the SheepPriced at just £7.99, this edition comprises the same stories as the French-language Norbert le Mouton, published by Actes-Sud-l’An 2, earlier in the year but says Gary, “with Beano-esque speech bubbles as opposed to handwritten, and with a totally different cover.”

Derek the Sheep fans (or, indeed, Gary Northfield fans), will be pleased to hear that the creator will be signing copies of the book at the Birmingham International Comic Show on the weekend of 4-5th October.

Buy the Bloomsbury Derek the Sheep hardback
Visit Gary Northfield’s web site
View pages from Norbert le Mouton

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