Desert Island Dix: The Globe at Hay probes “Klaxon” graphic novel co-creator

Friday Live: Desert Island Picks - Dix

The Globe at Hay will be picking the mind of cartoonist Dix later this month, whose dark humour is often found in his cartoon work, and will make for a fascinating desert island picks night.

Dix, vicar’s son from deepest darkest Wales, is a freelance illustrator, designer and comic book artist whose output includes regular strips for  The Guardian. His work has featured in It’s Dark in London, the classic anthology edited by Oscar Zarate (SelfMadeHero), Crisis magazine, and many more publications. He is the co-founder of Purr magazine and has written and designed several children’s books. 

DIXMost recently, he collaborated with Si Spencer to create the inventive and creepy horror story Klaxon, a mould-breaking horror story, published by SelfMadeHero last year.

He says he works in a poorly lit and airless room and never goes to sleep. For him, drawing is like therapy except he never gets any better.

The Globe at Hay is appropriately situated in the remarkable town of Hay-on-Wye, a place of enormous spirit, independence and will power. It is home to~ The Institute of Art and Ideas, a charity founded to promote free thinking, creativity and debate. The venue celebrates all forms of expression; from poetry readings to fashion shows, children’s workshops to video art and from philosophical talks to music and comedy and will be host to HowTheLightsGetOn, a Festival of Philosophy and Music in June

• Friday Live: Desert Island Picks Friday 29th January, 8.00pm. The event is free, but you can talk them down. Book tickets here

Globe at Hay, Newport Street. Hay on Wye, Hereford HR3 5BG. Tel: 01497 821762 Web:

• Find out more about Dix here:  Twitter:  Facebook: http://Dix Grim


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